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Because I'm a- Lady, That's Why
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '13 1:16pm PST 
I recently lost my cat Bandit. He was my shadow, and I felt like a piece of my life died with him, but I did not by any means want to get another cat so soon after he passed. However, when a friend told me that she knew someone who could no longer care for his cat and asked me if I'd take her in... I couldn't say no. The shelters are already overpopulated, and I was told the cat had mild special needs- a food allergy that requires a diet that's a little more expensive than average.
When first she came home, my fiancee was her care taker. I would hardly look at her- she wasn't my Bandit, and no other cat would do. Still, Tobi chose the spot on the bed next to my head to sleep rather than anywhere else, and despite how I ignored her she followed me around for the first few days, until finally I found myself watching TV with a purring ball of fluff in my lap. My first thought was that her purr was different from Bandit's. That she was smaller than him and her fur didn't feel the same.
And my next thought...
Here was this creature who I had openly rejected. I had been cold to her, almost mean. And still, she wanted nothing more than to love me, and only hoped to get my affection in return...
After that I began to reach out to her a little more. It's not quite the same- I have a Bandit-shaped hole in my life and Tobi is... Well, Tobi-shaped. Both cats have hugely different personalities, and while it still feels like something's missing. Tobi's soft purrs and warm affection help ease the pain.
It might sound silly... But I can't help but wonder if Bandit had something to do with Tobi finding her way into our lives...

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Irma Thomas

Purred: Fri Jan 11, '13 9:51am PST 
Our meowmy cried when when she read your post.....OF COURSE you have a "Bandit sized hole in your heart." There is always a hole in your heart when you loose a furbaby. We agree that Tobi WAS sent to you by Bandit, not to take his place, as each cat has its own place in our lives and memories, but to help you heal. And the best part is that you rescued Tobi from being sent to a shelter.......and worse, what could have happened to her there.

We all send purrs and soft paw pats on your loss and our meowmy sends hugs, and we also send WELCOME HOME PURRS to Miss Tobi!!!

The New Orleans Kittieswavelittle angel