one of our kitties has diarrhea

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We noticed during the summer that there wasn't much in the litter box 2 days in a row. After a call to the vet we were told 1/2 tsp of pumpkin once a week. We tried it a few weeks and everything was fine.
Fast forward to now.. we started noticing some soft shapeless poop in the box. We have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes.. they pee in one and poop in the other. Yesterday while I was working, my boyfriend text me to tell me there was diarrhea on the floor. Worried I text a friend who works at a vet. She said it was probably nothing, but keep an eye on them. She also said to make sure their bellies looked normal and that their 3rd eyelid wasn't shut.

Both cats are eating, drinking, running around playing, grooming, etc

Today I came home and found more diarrhea in the kitchen. It's not liquid, but its also not normal solid poop.

I'm dropping off a sample to the vet on my way to work tomorrow. The girl I spoke to from the vet said they will probably want to see the cats depending on the fecal exam results.

Other strange things we've noticed that may be unrelated. Sometimes the female cat has a strange unpleasant order coming from her bum. Today after my male got off the chair I noticed a wet spot. I had to lean close to smell it, so I assume it was drool, not pee. Also today the girl started randomly sticking her tongue out.

One cat has soft poop the other is normal, but we can't seem to catch them in the act to see which pile belongs to who.
Both cats are 8 months old, and were already fixed when we adopted them. We brought the girl to the vet when we got her. The boy had been the week before. Both were in perfect health at the time (during the summer). They are both indoor cats. There haven't been any recent diet changes. They eat Iams kitten food (solid not canned) and have a water fountain which gets cleaned weekly (i sometimes notice what looks like mucus around the filter when I clean the fountain)

What might our kitty's problem be? I'm very worried about them.

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It's Stella. Did you ever find out what this was? Are the kitties still okay otherwise? With 4 of us our person never knows who did what unless she catches them in the act. You might decide not to feed them kitten food any more as it is too rich for some cats. They can also pick up intestinal bugs just from the environment just like people. The fact that they are going on the floor where you can see it means they want you to know that they are not feeling well.

There are probiotics for cats that the vet might be able to give you. The kind that they sell for peoople probably isn't right for cats since people are omnivores. So are some cats, like my fellow cat Delyte, but it's not good for them.

Hope they feel better and are getting everything together! Purrs! wave

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Is it a plastic water fountain? Those can harbor horrible bacteria and so can plastic food dishes. They need to be checked and possibly treated for worms, which I'm sure the vet will want to do. That's usually the first thing they try. Let us know what happens after you bring that sample in. If it is suspected worms, they'll treat both of them since they share a box.


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Thanks for the concerns,
The vet was unable to pinpoint what the problem was, but was also not concerned.
The vet said we are healthy kitties!
The fecal exam came back negative.
The vet told mommy and daddy that even though we're only 8 months old, we do not need to be on kitten food any more. She suggested slowly switching over to either Iams Sensitive Stomach or Iams Hairball, just in case that's what made one of us sick.
Mommy asked if maybe the treats we ate could have upset our stomachs, the vet said maybe, and that we shouldn't eat anything sourced from China because they put lead in their chicken!
We've been doing fine since then. No more messes (though before the vet appointment, one of us threw up.. mommy scooped that up and brought it to the vet too)
We started a new food, and mommy has been withholding our treats *pout*

The vet said if it continues, we could try an antibiotic, but she didn't think it was necessary.

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Get them off the Iams food and onto GRAIN FREE food and you'll probably see this problem go away. Iams is not a good food.