Iso-Dora - 11 weeks old. Beautiful Kitten.

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Iso-Dora - She was love at first sight. She is 11 weeks old.

I adopted her last week but she was only labelled as a "Domestic long Hair/Calico and even though she is a beautiful kitten, it tells me nothing about the breed of cat she is/could be. Domestic being a nicer term for "Breed Unknown".

Over the past week, I and other people have noticed a few physical and personility traits, which has me questioning now - Is Iso-Dora Maine Coon or atleast has some Maine Coon in her?

Physical Traits: View photo's in profile.

Personality Traits:

Very affectionate. Always wanting to be held/cuddled into. Doesn't Meow like normal cats, instead she tries to talk to me (Chirping sounds).

---------> Extremely long Whiskers.

---------> She has a Maine.

---------> She has a fuzzy coat.

---------> She is calico.

---------> Head and ears form a M Shape.

---------> Golden/Yellow (Slight tint of Green) Eyes.

---------> Porportioned Body. Face is round/rectangle front on. Long on Side View.

---------> Five toes on front/Four toes on back.

---------> Loves her belly to be rubbed (like a dog would).

---------> Her fur is White, Black and Red (Orange).

---------> Huge Paws.

---------> She has faints tufts.

---------> Has a curiousity for Water and playing with it.

Photos are on my profile page.

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Your kitten is precious!!! No wonder it was love at first sight! She reminds me of my sweet Louis Armstrong. He was part Maine Coon, and also "chirped and trilled" rather than a regular "meow". Also the way her coat looks, her lion's mane, etc.

I know others more knowledgable about cat breeds will be posting also.

Welcome to CATSTER Iso-Dora, we sent you a present and a Friends Request.

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Hi, Isa Dora! wave
We can't help you to figure out what breeds are in your background, just to say you are a cutie!

Welcome to Catster! welcome

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