Agressive behavior in four mo old kitten

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Hi everyone. I just recently added a new member to my kitty family. But I am having some behavior issues with him. He is four mos old and is constantly attacking my three older cats. He is not aggressive but it is more like he is just being irritating and wont leave them alone. He has toys to play with and I do as well, But he wont stop being a pain to other three.

What Can I do to stop his behavior to my other three cats. Help Please!


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We have the same issue at home with our newest addition. It reached its peak when Gizmo was around four months old, and is now starting to ease off a bit, It did start as playful wrestling, but the bigger he got, the more my other two would not tolerate it...i guesse the cute factor wore off!
In our case it was very much just Gizmos way of affirming his place in our cat clowder and working out some dominance issues, things have and i think they will settle for you too. Now adays, Gizmo has taken his place in the middle of the heirarchy between my older male at the top and my elderly female at the bottom, there is still the occasional spat or bat to the face, from my older kitties, but gizmo takes it in his stride with his tail held high. As time has progressed things have become more harmonious and all three sleep together its a very delicate system and they will work it out. When things get a bit rough and there is hissing or yowling, try clapping or making a short distracting noise, this usually takes attention away from the cats disagreement for long enough that they usually dispell. Keep an eye on them though, and i wouldnt suggest trying to break up wrestling matches with your bare hands...ouchee....i learned the hard way.
Good luck


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Thanks Gizmo, that is good advice. but it isnt just my other cats that are being terrorized by him. My guy is not getting any sleep, due to the fact that the kitten is attacking his feet and biting him as well. He is also tearing the house up with his constant clawing of my bed and furniture. And yes he has a scratching post as well as a kitty condo. My hubby is really fed up with his behavior and wants him to go to a shelter, as he has lost all patience with him.
Also this kitten came to us as a stray. And iam thinking he may have some issues with that as well. It is becoming too much for our household. There is no peace and we have tried
to resolve the issues.


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Okay,i see!
I know, its stressful! your Boyfriend ,and yourself must be pretty miffed off and tired at the moment so please dont make any descisions just now.
Im going to put down some thoughts,because i can relate to your situation, when i read this to my boyfreind he had a giggle (i know its not funny but he had the same problem with both of our male cats so he can realate too) and i dont want you to think im being condesending!
Your kitty is still really young, and to be fair....he has alot to learn about how to be a ''good'' house kitty.
Ok, so the feet under the bed sheets...its really easily solved! honest!
It takes a couple of trys...or days for kitty to click on but have a go and percevere with it...

1-dont let kitty play with, attack, stalk or pounce on your hands or feet (simple huh hahah NOT!) i know, i still fall into the trap !
2-When your kitty hurts your hands or feet, pick him up, or move away from him saying NO!!! Dont shout but use a clear affirmative tone.
3-offer him a toy instead. When i go to bed my crazy kitten follows me through...but im always prepared with a toy ...so when Gizzy pounces up for his last play of the day hes not after my feet, Try to tire him out before you sleep that way kitty is less likely to annoy you while getting some well needed rest.

So hes also scratching your furniture and generally just being a little TERROR, unfortuately alot of this can and will be put down to him being very young, but the bonus to that is that he is still very young!!! Cats are alot better learners in their first few months so start now by letting him know what is acceptable and what is not.
Scratching is a natural behaviour so all you need to do is make sure he knows where to do it heres a few ideas.

1-put the scratcher(s) you want him to use in a place easily accessible and frequented by the cats.
2- One thing i knooow cats hate is to snag thier nails on fabrics...so find the places hes using to scratch that you dont want him to and cover it completely in something he will hate....loosely woven netting such as net curtains for example....get it all covered or hidden away.
3-one of the best things you can do is to praise praise prasie and praise again when your kitty does use the scratcher he is suppossed to...he will soon recognise this is a good behaviour with a reward such as a treat or some soft words and a stroke (treats work best!! haha)
4- Try to make your scartchers as inticing as posible put treats on or in them, hang toys all around it etc...or try different types.Alot of cats like to have a stretch and a scratch after waking so try calling him over to the scratcher so he can use it after a cat nap.

So really i do know it is soooo dificult when you see thier tiny faces and have such stress and worry because of the chaos they are causing but its all about adjustment, we ourselves growing up have to learn about how to act in a sociabally acceptable way....we are taught..where to go to the toilet, what language to use, how to behave in certain situations and we are mostly taught this by our parents and by the people we grow up with such as teachers and other authority figures....you are the authority in your household and youve got the power and sometimes frustratingly the responsibility to teach him what is acceptable behaviour. I am not for one second saying that you are not trying and that your are shirking responsibilty im just trying to encourage you to sit it out, and to be patient, He will learn, and things will get better, and also.....its coming up to the time when he is due to be neutered....so things are going to get better and more harmonious....put it this way...my partner was raving two months ago about Gizmo being a little S*** and a pain in the bum....looking over at my sofa right NOW....and they are cuddling quite the thing! HA!laugh out loud
Hopefully this will help a bit, feel free to vent here, about it and will try and come up with ways to help!
Hope you are well , and hopefully having a good nights sleep.

--Natasha, Gizmo, Batfink and Roguey Puss.x wave


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Thanks Gizmo, I am happy to report that IMO, is still with us. Steve did not have the heart to take him to the shelter. And also his behavior has mellowed out. He is getting better at not biting as much. But he does hear NO when he acts like this.And your advice is very much welcomed and greatly appreciated. And Imo,will be getting neutered in Jan. And I hope that after this gets done that his agressive behavior will improve dramatically.cheer


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AWW! im so glad things are getting better, yeah they usually do mellow out gradually, thanks for getting back to us! love to all, from us
Natasha, Batfink, Gizmo and Roguey Puss !!dancingcheer


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Kyubey went through a phase like this. He drove me nuts. The best thing I found was to take his "Da Bird" wand toy and play with him until he was ready to drop from exhaustion. For months, I set aside an hour before bedtime to play with him so he'd give us some peace. It wasn't a miracle cure, but it definitely took the edge off of his energy and let us get some sleep.

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CK would attack feet, anything the moved, my other cats, etc, etc, etc. He just passed a year and has mellowed...gasp. We also hve kept one of our fosters as he and Midnight are fast friends, tear around the house after each other, kick each other in the face, bige each others ears...you know, all the loving things cat brothers do.

That is what young male cats do-they make you crazy. Kittens are this way. It has little to do with him being a former 'stray' and everything to do with him being a young kitten who wants and needs to play. Calvin, our foster 7 month old knocks ovrer garbage cans, claws the bags, has climbed the kitchen cabinets, broken one of my favorite decorative plates, torn up my shower curtain...I could go on.

But who cares-because he's a kitten and that is what they do!!! And I would rather have Calvin than any of the other stuff!

I can tell you it gets better...he simply needs playtime and lots of it. You might want to engage him in playtime with 'da bird', or have Steve do it at least once a night. CK still plays with the others, but they are older, more settled.