Can a cat fast intentionally, for health reasons?

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My cat Claudette is 16 years old and in very good health. There is nothing wrong with any of her organs, the vet says. Throughout her life, she vomited after every meal but it didn't seem to affect her. Several months ago she stopped eating-- no interest in food. We gave her vit. B shots a few times, and healing touch (energy work) and she would eat for a few weeks, but then stop. We stopped the interventions and dug a grave for her. After about 3 weeks of fasting she started eating again and has had a voracious appetite for 2 weeks. She's sprightly and active, but, of course, very skinny. Any explanations?

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This is bizarre because usually a kitty that stops eating for that long will get fatty liver disease. And btw, there is NOTHING NORMAL about a kitty barfing after every meal. It just isn't normal at all. What tests did your vet do? Any blood work? Any x-rays or ultrasound? If your kitty has hypothyroidism your vet cannot tell that just by feeling around. Or she could have IBD or lots of other things. But no, this is not normal and I would guess that just because she's eating now and acting okay, she really isn't. Tests should be done and soon.


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You need blood tests to check if she may have hyperthyroidism. It makes them eat a lot but they still loose weight. My Ben had it and it is treatable. With him, I gave him the radiation treatment and he was healed. Others may just need a pill. Please see a vet who will take tests soon.....

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This is Delyte. You might have some kind of narrowing or growth in your digestive tract. You could have a very severe hairball situation or an actual growth. I had a growth that was removed, but due to scar tissue my gut is very narrow at one place and if I eat too fast or too much--which is my favortie thing to do, of course--I will throw it all up. Also, if I take any kind of medication by mouth and my stomach gets upset, I will stop eating. I refused food for two weeks after my surgery and had to be force fed which was horrible.

Also, you could have a bad tooth that hurts when you eat. So you really need to get a second opinion. Giant purrs to you from one finicky eater to another! cat on moon

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Alex is quiet right. Meowma had another kitty who looked just like me, who died because he stopped eating and developed Fatty Liver. I sure hope things are going
better for you. Please give us all an update as to how you are doing. I was Meowma's 3 kitty to live to be 22 years old.