My two kittens have dirty, crusty butts!

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Hi there! New too the forums.

I adopted two kittens about a week 1/2 ago? Almost two weeks. Now close to being nine weeks of age, brother & sister. (Have yet too add their cat pages)

We first noticed that the female had very runny stools and called the vet for an appointment and did a little research and found out it could be due to worms. We dropped by the vet and picked up a dewormer and treated them both over the weekend, and she seemed to be the only ones to have any. (Had to pick them out of her butt! So gross).

Monday rolled around and we took them for their visit and found out they had coccidia. They treated them there, and then we were to treat them the next day (Which we did). It's now been a couple days and still seems at least one of them has a runny stool (Haven't been watching them).

The female even more-so always has a dirty butt. I wipe it when I can, but there is some that almost seems dried on there and won't come off with a wipe.

Both of them HATE it when I do so, and she just flips out. But I don't know how to clean her off without hurting her? She bled when we had to take the worms out when I wiped her just this last time.

I would want to think it would just dry up and fall off, but it's obviously not falling off. Lol! They both clean themselves pretty regularly from what I've seen.

I'm going to hold off on calling the vet for at least another day or so, as I really can't afford to take them back until their appointment three weeks from now. (In the middle of moving, having to save money for deposits.. etc).

Any ideas or suggestions would help a lot, thanks!


mon petit chat- noir
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what are you using? a warm washcloth should work well. I know coccidia takes some time, and if they are on antibiotics, that can cause runny poppies as well. THey will prob get a second deworming to make sure all stages of the worm life cycle have been eliminated. Something you could try is some plain pumpkin - not pie filling with seasoning, just plain - add a teeny bit to food. It might take a week or so to clear all this up, but it should be fine. Congrats on the new kitties!

Irma Thomas

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Concats from us also on your new furbabies. You can also use UNSCENTED baby wipes to clean their butts. Are they longhaired? Sometimes this extra fur in "that area" makes it harder to keep clean. If so, you could trim the area with scissors (have someone hold the kitten).

Good luck and welcome to CATSTER!! Keep us posted.

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