It is official, the cats hate my water bowl choices!

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Purred: Sat Aug 25, '12 10:20pm PST 
The short story is Candie stopped using her stainless steel water bowls. I drug out a Pyrex bowl we used two years ago for a water bowl. Than the other two cats stopped using the water fountain because they like the glass bowl better. Spoiled brats! Didn't they know I was trying to get them drink more water from the fountain? I bought one more glass bowl and repurposed the other bowls. Back to the basement goes the fountain. I give up!

Any of you have to change your bowls because your cats refuse to drink from them.


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Purred: Sun Aug 26, '12 3:55am PST 
We've never been picky about our water dishes. We have the original drinkwell fountain with the filters and all and we love it.

However I wont eat from a food dish if it is too deep OR if it has been cleaned with a different dish soap than our usual brand and scent. So if Dawn stops making the pink 'good for your hands' one that my mommy gets we will be in for it because I wont eat from it. Mommy once had to feed me from a person plate because I wouldnt touch mine until it was cleaned 'correctly' and she was out of the correct soap.

So- it could be your soap, or your dish location, or that stainless steal makes the water taste funky.


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Purred: Sun Aug 26, '12 9:54pm PST 
The new bowl is in the living room. Everyone loves it. It's a game to see how full I can get it and walk it into the living room without spilling a drop of water.

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Purred: Mon Aug 27, '12 12:35am PST 
My cats used to prefer to drink from my dog's water bowl, until I got them a water fountain... The one I have is the Pioneer Pet Raindrop stainless steel fountain. I recently turned up the flow on it and they love it even more now.
I thought it would be the other way round but now that the flow is up higher they like to drink from the stream part of it more, before they preferred the bowl part.