Treats for Cats with frequent Urinary tract infections & crystals?

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Our kitty Loki here is prone to frequent UTI infections & crystals, he's been nearly blocked twice (just peeing blood), with a full block just last week. Rushed him into the vet, and $2000 he's home and back to normal, thank god! He's now eating Hill's W/D Prescription canned only and seems to be doing fine. (He was on Before Grain canned only and still blocked frown We also switched to distilled water too so hopefully it won't happen again!

My question is, we give our other two cats Temptations or Friskies Party Mix treats occasionally, but I'm so afraid to feed him anything at all except the W/D or an occasional bite of chicken from our dinner. We just have a ritual when I come home from work, everybody gets a treat so I don't want to leave him out big grin Are there any treats on the market that he can have?


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I give Macy Zukes Natural purrs:


He seems to do well on them, but I only give them to him sparingly but it might be worth a try....

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It's long term feeding of dry food that can cause urinary issues. Treats are ok in moderation smile One or two pieces a day won't make your current health status any worse.

Try freeze dried meat or fish treats such as Halo Liv-A-Littles or Real Food Toppers. These can be rehydrated in water.

Plain cooked chicken and the cooking water (broth) is good smile Try poaching in water or baking a piece of chicken plain.

Cat grass and catnip are fine to give.

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I gave Ben freeze dried salmon which he loved. He also liked his catnip or real food such as chicken or pieces of shrimp. Treats should be given sparingly. I can understand your problem since Ben blocked twice. I caught both times in plenty of time. Ben was a housecat since I could see quickly what was happening even though he was my first. I nearly lost him as a kitten when he wasn't weaned and not eating those first two days. All of my cats love real chicken but make sure that it has no onion flavoring or garlic in it....


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Please don't judge me. The wet treat that Brownie loves, is Whiskas Cat Milk. The other thing all my cats like is bonito flakes. I only give them a few. I have a bag in the frig from the Global Market. The safest treat is to give Loki extra love and brushing.

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My kitties only get freeze dried treats. In fact I'm thinking of buying a dehydrator and freeze drying meat myself for treats! big grin


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Thanks for all the tips guys! I think I'll go with something I know he can handle...I just don't want to risk giving him anything that will cause another blockage..I can't afford it!

Has anybody tried these PureBites Freeze Dried Treats? Looks like the only ingredient is chicken so those should be fine I would think?

http://www.petco.com/product/119257/PureBites-Freeze-Dried -Chicken-Breast-Cat-Treats.aspx?CoreCat=OnSiteSearch

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There are lots of other brands of freeze dried mest treats smile PureBites is one brand and is ok to feed smile


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My Pickles is in the same boat, only she's eating Royal Canin Urinary SO dry kibble. Unfortunately they don't make urinary formula treats, but my vet did recommend freeze dried chicken treats. It's just straight up chicken, and if you don't go overboard it shouldn't be a problem.