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Good day!

Eveliina is a healthy 2.5 month old kitten. I have been feeding her Wellness Core dry food for kittens and Wellness canned kitten formula. Eveliina's main meals revolve around her wet food and she occasionally "snacks" on her dry food because I leave it out. The reason why I am posting is because I've recently stumbled upon articles and reviews saying that Wellness Core has caused urinary problems in kitties. Has anyone else experienced these problems? What do you guys recommend? Is Wellness a good brand to feed Eveliina?

Thank you for replies


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I have heard various thing with Wellness. I will say that when I tried it with Smitty, he got bad diahrreah & stanky! But then again, he seems to have tummy issues and certain foods do not agree with him. He cannot eat FF either. I have my new kitten on some wellness dry kitten cuz I needed food asap & my vet sells it. I know it is very protein rich, and he is sick so I am using that. It seems that you will find issues or non issues with just about any food. I actually did ask a vet about it a year ago, and she said there really was no link of anything - so use your judgement.


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Hi Evelina wave I will not comment on Wellness but can give you a link to the line of cat foods we eat here. It is the Nutro brand of cat food, Nutro Max Cat and Nutro Natural Choice. The food is premium food, made in their own manufacturing plants in the US... yeah, they own their own manufacturing plants smile They don't send it out to a third partly like most of the other companies do. Nutro undergoes 600 quality and saftety checks per batch before it is released. Nutro is also AFIA certified (the only pet food company so far to meet AFIA safety standards) and their products are guaranteed. No compromise on quality or safety. Take a look see. Invariably you will do what you feel is best. Best of luck on your quest.

Check the food out here:



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Thank you for the responses. We really appreciate it!


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We all eat Wellness Core and have not had any problems with it. My Mom likes it because it is grain free and fish free. She used to feed us Nutro until the pet food recalls several years ago--Nutro was among the brands affected but Wellness was not.


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Arthur, isn't Wellness part of this last recall? I do believe they are one of the brands that are part of the recall regarding salmonella contamination. I hope not for your sake but I would check just to be sure!

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I have allergies and I've been eating the new Wellness Core varieties that are grain free and fish free. I also eat the regular Wellness Turkey. I'm very fussy but I've been eating this for a month and am feeling much better. I don't believe these have been part of any recall.

I would certainly give it a try. Good luck.

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I have fed Wellness canned food and my cats haven't had any urinary issues on this food; in fact Gump went into remission from diabetes while eating Wellness (along with a couple other brands). I don't feed it now because I'm feeding some different foods with lower phosphorus due to his CKD. Plus there are more brands available now too.

Wellness is a top selling food and maybe that's part of the issue. Cats can get can urinary problems due to eating dry food anyway and also stress is a big factor, and since so many people feed it, you'll tend to hear more about these issues than you would with something like 'Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul' (as an example because I don't think it's fed nearly as much). I inquired at a couple small pet stores about what their top selling foods are and they said Wellness is up there. That said, that doesn't mean there aren't issues with the dry food and urinary health, but there are still many people who feed the dry food and those cats don't all have urinary problems. There have been some cats here on Catster that have developed urinary issues while eating Wellness and I understand the concerns. My older cat has had UTIs (related to kidney disease and very dilute urine) so I understand the concerns. I just wanted to share an observation while also trying not to minimizing these experiences. Also maybe they've adjusted their formulas since these issues came to light in the last few years?

Wellness has never had an FDA recall as far as I know. They had their first recall in 2011, which was a voluntary recall (initiated by the company) due to low levels of thiamine (vitamin B1) found in some of the canned foods, and I see that they did a voluntary recall this past spring because they used one facility that also used by Diamond when Diamond foods was having a big recall. It was done out of an abundance of caution and all of their food was negative for Salmonella.

I'm not here to promote Wellness BTW, I don't even feed it anymore. I hear negative things about this food, but I haven't had issues with it and the company seems pretty good.

* A side note, to provide information*
Nutro has good marketing, but when you look at the ingredients, all the dry foods have corn, wheat, rice and powdered cellulose (at least some of those) and pretty high on the ingredient list. Not good for a carnivore - not even great for people to eat that much grain. And even with all that focus on quality and safety, they have had a number of serious recalls. I know there are Nutro people who post here frequently and I'm simply pointing this out in a respectful way to provide information.

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I used to feed Wellness Core (dry) and one of my cats (Sammy) did in fact develop urinary problems, but I acknowledge that this could have happened with any dry food. I'm sure you already know that a moist meaty diet is important for urinary health so *any dry food* can cause issues.

The Yahoo Group for FLUTD does not recommend feeding any Wellness products, wet or dry, to a cat known to have urinary problems because Wellness can/does raise urinary pH which can lead to problems. Several members who only fed Wellness wet food also reported problems with high urine pH so it may be a problem with the brand. I don't know of any studies that prove this, this is only what the group reports.

Maybe like Gump has pointed out, it may appear to be a significant number because it is one of the top selling brands. We know many cats who do very well and thrive on Wellness.