How far do Mother cat's move their babies?

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I ask because there WAS a mother and her two week old kittens (well at they looked that old) living under one of the stairwells in my building. I had seen all them on Monday as I was leaving and then the mother saw me when I got back and I am certain had a melt down about. Today, I went to move all of the box's the construction crew left behind and poof! No Mama and no kittens! I looked through out our entire ENCLOSED SECURED building and can't find them!

I already has worked with my non-profit shelter to place them in foster care but I just wasn't quick enough. And I didn't have the time or the heart to move the kittens out the stairwell when I had the chance. I am really hitting myself over the head for this one because I am typically put my needs second and a furry friends needs first.

Anyways, I was also wondering if I put a new clean box w/bedding in it, that maybe she might come back with the kittens? I was thinking of putting out food too. The conditions of the stairwell has changed since she's been there; I had to sweep up broken glass and what not.

But if some one could give my an idea of far the mothers typically move their young, that would help.

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Good news! This story has a happy ending! Mom and kitten's have been put in foster care with my non-profit group after finding thing this morning. The kitten's will be getting homes and are quite precious!

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That's great, Hero! Glad to hear the good news! Pawsome!
way to go
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