Kuma-Neko turned 20 last month

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Twenty years ago we met a one day old rescue kitty. He was with a lady that did rescue and was going to be our kitty as soon as he was old enough. We visited almost every day and helped feed him. A few weeks went by and another litter was brought in. A brother and sister both grey (blue) a few weeks old. The little girl wanted milk so I picked her up and she rolled on her back and ate until she fell to sleep in my arms. The rescue lady walked in and did a double take "Is that the girl??? She never does that!" Then the oddest thing popped out of my mouth "that's because she'd my cat." So we ended up with 2 kittens.

Kuma just celebrated her 20th Birthday. Aside from occasional bladder spasms she has been blessed with excellent health. She has fostered many kittens. Her latest being 2 Sphynx. She has been the Queen of my little cat "pride" for 17 years. She is a wonderful and beautiful cat.

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Happy Belated Birthday to Kuma-Neko. I had a cat who lived to age 19, they can live VERY long lives when in good homes (as obviously yours is). How sweet that he as Cat Daddy to so many kittens.......hope you have him for a little longer.

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happy Birthday, awsome life you are living, I had over 18.5 years with my family and I was not a baby when they rescued me. I had excellent health as well never had a problem except for one UTI and then later the CRF got to me.


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That is awesome! Happy birthday Kuma-Neko! May your years be full, happy and carefree! Much


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Pawsome! Happy birthday!

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We're so happy to have her live to be this age....happy birthday Kuma Keko! You truly are elderwise.


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You have 5 years on me! Happy birthday Kuma-Neko! Many more to come too!


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What a great story. Your mom really loves you! Happy Birthday. Hope you have many more.