Getting rid of urine smell in an apartment

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My little kitty decided to pee on the carpet frown I'm going to get him checked but anyway,

I've doused the spot with an entire bottle of Nature's Miracle three times, I've also checked for other places with a black light. The smell just isn't getting better. I'm wondering if it's just too deep and into the padding or even the concrete underneath.
I've read on some forums how to pull up the carpet and clean that, but I don't think I should do that in my apartment lol......

I'm getting ready to buy this MagicZymes as well as this vinegar/baking soda/hydrogen peroxide treatment thing (http://www.getridofthings.com/odors/get-rid-of-cat-urine.htm), but I'm worried it won't get deep enough. If I do a professional carpet cleaning what should I do? Steam clean? Carpet shampoo? I've heard of wet-vac? Will these things just be a waste of my money?

I'm getting ready to ask the office at my complex if I can just switch apartments cuz I can't take this anymore. I know they'll charge me a lot though because I didn't tell them I have a cat. frown

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Call a local carpet cleaning company, and ask what they recommend, and if they sell this product to the public. Would do that before I asked to be moved out of the apartment, as then you might have to leave the complex completely, since the landlord does not know you have a cat.

Something that REALLY helps with smells is activated charcoal- the type used in aquairum filters. Get a bag at Wal-Mart, and put it on a paper plate and put it on top of the area where the cat soiled it. Suggest putting a box on top so your cat does not try to taste it. After Hurricane Katrina this is what was recommended to people who were trying to get the smell of mold and other smells to many to list) out of their flooded homes.

Good Luck
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Wow, thanks for the heads up!!

I didn't realize I could get kicked out for this cat thing. frown

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We just wanted to point that out.....know from reading the forums that some complexes allow only so many pets, or sometimes none at all. And from what we understand, a renter must disclose what if any pets they have.....I am sure this is because of the potential damage some pets can do.

Good Luck, and keep us posted.

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Odors are an ongoing problem for pet owners; candles and aerosol sprays are temporary fixes, and have to be repurchased when they run out. Ionizers and Ozone generators are effective but can be expensive and require cleaning and filter replacement. There is a natural permanent application that will resolve your odor problems. Air-ReNu is a paint additive you mix with paint and apply to your indoor walls, yes it’s a little work, but it works great and once applied it works 7/24 and does not have to be re-applied.


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watch if you use the peroxide solution. peroxide is a bleach, although not a real strong one, but it CAN bleach or change colors on materials. Not sure if it would damage carpet, but it could make a bigger mess than what you have already. Maybe try renting a carpet cleaner, or if it is not too expensive, have someone come in & they should have stuff to use for smells.


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I'm sorry I can't offer a solution for the smell. But Nature's Miracle has a money back guarantee, so I would ask for my money back. That's odd though. I used the same product when the cat I was pet sitting peed on my boyfriend's jeans and it worked wonders!