Low Sodium Kitten Food?

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Sorry, I already posted this but I thought I had posted it under my cat. I thought it would be easier to keep track of it this way. I recently became the owner of an 8 month old kitten with a very enlarged heart and a heart murmur. The vet wants her on a low sodium diet. The food he recommends is $20/6 oz bag. Right now I can not afford this. I would like to put her on a good kitten food that is also low sodium. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, any tips on carring for a cat like this would be great! Last but not least, she loooves her treats, anyone of some good kitten treats that are low sodium?

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I don't know about food since all the food charts, like the Binky's one, doesn't list sodium content shrug For treats, try a freeze dried meat lke Halo Liv-A-Littles or other similar brands. Stick with chicken or beef, not seafood since that would probably be high in sodium thinking


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Bump has HCM, diagnosed at 10 months old, was told by 2 cardiologists, he would not live past 1 yr old. I said, OH H NO! Did extensive research on it, and even tracked it back, to where it came from, took me a whole year. The others, can tell you, mol. laugh out loud

OK, first thing, get a CBC and Wellness blood panel done, insist, it be sent to Antech. Then get an x-ray done, this shows, how enlarged the heart is, and if there is any fluid on the heart or lungs. Then you need an ultrasound, this is the only true way, to properly determine, the grade, and the proper treatment.

Bump was sent to UC Davis, his cardiologist said, grain free, and low in salt, imperative, it is low in salt.

I feed Blue Wilderness, chicken dry. Bump also, won't eat any wet, at all, period. Its grain free, gluten free, soy free, by product free. You have to now feed, a grain free food. Bump picked this food, wouldn't eat any, of the other ones, his cardiologist approved it.

Its by Blue Buffalo, you can get it at Petsmart or Petco.

What food, did your vet recommend?

Blue Wilderness is about $20, for a 6 lb bag, but, it lasts me 2 weeks, and I have other cats that eat it too. You will find, you feed less of it. Bump gets 1/8 cup, twice a day, and this is per his vet, she figured it out, based on the kcal count (calorie) and that boy, ain't thin.

Wet is better, which Bump won't eat, so she said to give him 1 teaspoon Gerber baby food, mixed with water, so its like a broth, twice a day.

You should also put him on L-Lysine, its an immune booster, another thing Bump won't eat. The dose is by the cats weight. Under 9 lbs, its 250 mg once a day. Over 9 lbs, its 500 mg, once a day, kittens, you have to check with your vet. Bump was 10 months old, and well over 9 lbs, but he wouldn't eat it. You want the powder, so you can break it open, and mix with wet food, or baby food. You can get it in the human vitamin section, thats what my vet said, but from reading others posts, you can get it from your vet, and they even make L-Lysine treats. The others could better tell you about those.

To compromise, she put him on Feline Missing Link, its vitamins, comes in a pouch, its powder, you give 1/4 teaspoon, once a day, you have to refridge it once you open it. That didn't last very long either, he decided he didn't like that either.

Back to his cardiologist, who said, he is getting enough nutrition, from his food. It has antioxidants in it, which is what you want, and it has the omega 3 and 6 in it, which is also what you want.

You have to be extremly careful, what meds he is given, prescribed or over the counter. Never never never, give him anything, without checking with your vet first. You also have to make sure, any prescribed meds, are safe for a heart kitty. Some given to a normal kitty, will kill a heart kitty. Centrine is one, it will kill them, its an antispazmodic, similiar to you or I taking pepto bismal for an upset tummy.

Hope this helps, please don't hesitate, and Bump is 5 yrs old, and doing very well, they even let him go back on the circuit. Take my boy at 10 months old, OH H NO. I stood and fought.

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Thanks Bump I will look into it! Usually I can afford the more expansive food, but there are some circumstances that prevent me from doing that. If anyone else also has information that'd be greatly appreciated too. All my kitties have always had a complete clean bill of health so this is a first for me!