I could really use some support and help on how to deal

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

Romero- R.I.P.- 3/5/12

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My baby, Romero, was diagnosed with FELV just last week. This is all so sudden and out of nowhere I just can't cope. Here is how this all started:
I adopted Romero from a local rescue back in August. Now, this lady fostered cats for the rescue out of her home, so there were dozens of cats going in AND out of the house. Well, I ended up adopting a cat other than Romero the first time (I hadn't met him yet at this pont), but he turned out to be meanand returned him a week later. When I had emailed the lady about returning the cat she insisted I meet another she had, which turned out to be Romero (they had named him Jupiter). I fell in LOVE! He was the sweetest, friendliest, most personable cat you would have ever met. I decided to adopt him. The lady knew I had another cat at home, my little Elvira, and that she wasn't old enough to be vaccinated yet. The lady seemed to assure me that Romero was up to date on vaccines nd was tested for FELV/FIV and then vaccinated for it. Well, months pass and by this time my boyfriend at the time and I had gotten another cat. Recently, him and I had broken up and I had to move back home to Indiana from Pennsylvania, which is a 12 hour drive, OOF! Well, I had all my cats checked out by my boss (I worked for a vet) before the treck to IN and they all seemed fine. During the car ride Romero seemed to be having a rough time, while the other 2 seemed fine. This is weird because Romero LOVES going on car rides. So, we got to our new home and the first day or so seemed fine. Then, Ro started acting funny and was not himself. He was very lethargic, didn't want to get up, barely eating/drinking and growling at my other 2 cats. HE NEVER GROWLS! I took him to a vet and they said he just has a fever and gave me some antibiotics. Well, next day I took his temp again and it was still too high, 104.3, and I took him to another et. They said he seemed to have a blockage in his colon and they wanted to keep him to get his temp down just in case they had to perform emergency surgery. So, he was there for 2 days and couldn't figure out was wrong. His temp kept rising and he was breathing abnormaly. They took chest xrays showing that his heart was enlarged. They asked if they could test for heart worm (which is a total waste of time/money), but I agreed because I wanted my baby to be better. Finally, something clicked. I phoned the DR and asked him to run a FELV/FIV test on him to make sure that wasn't it even though the rescue said he was negative. Well, turns out that is what my baby had. So, buckets of tears and $800 later, my poor Romero is secluded in the basement slowly dying of the horrible virus. I am furious that the rescue I had adopted him from was dishonest with me and pushed a cat on me I didn't even know to adopt. I do not regret adopting my baby at all, I promise I love him so much and it breaks my heart knowing I can't cure him. I am lucky my other 2 didn't get it from being around him for months. I just don't know how to deal with this horrible, horrible thing. He does not deserve this, he is such a wonderful cat. The doctor said I can try sterois, but I don't want to weaken his immune system even more. I guess stress from the car irde triggered the symptoms and I now feel guilty and can't help but blame myself frown I did not know he had this.

I just want to know when you guys decided it was time to euthanize your baby once him or her developed this. He eats very little, barely drinks, but he is always purring and so happy to see me. You can see he's sick though. Watery eyes, very weak. I just don't want to take his life when he's not ready to give up frown Can somebody please talk to me about this? I feel alone here and nobody here can understand how or why I care for my baby so much. Please respond on here or even better EMAIL ME! jennasorci@mail.com


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So sorry about what is happening to you. I do not know too much about FELV but they can live very long eventful lives. I hope in the basement he has a window or something to look out and see the world. Is there any way you can block him off upstairs. I would think without human contact he might just turn for the worse.

Sending hugs and purrs. Cats that have been dumped and rescued cn test negative for disease - it is hard for rescues to say they are disease free. But remember he was placed in your hands for a reason.


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there are kitties dealing with this - check the health thread too. we send you purrs.

Romero- R.I.P.- 3/5/12

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Thank you. Unfortunately, Romero kept getting worse and worse. He could not eat and he was even too weak to walk. I had to send my poor baby over the rainbow bridge last night and I am heartbroken. This all happened way too fast. I miss my Romero and I hope he knows I love him very much.


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I am soooo sorry to hear about Romero.
Poor baby... may he be at peace now.