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CoCo(9/17/11- -1/24/12)

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Purred: Sun Jan 22, '12 6:07am PST 
Hi! My name is CoCo, I joined catster a few days ago. My foster mom says I'm a Birman/Ragdoll/Something Else mix, any ideas? I was astray kitten with a big owie on my paw and was taken to my foster mom rescue. I've a bone infection! But thats another story. My purrsonality matches Rgdll; go all floppy when picked up, I'm the sweetest,but also match others too, I'm a chatterbox like a Siamese, do I look like a Birman? Thanks!


Purred: Thu Feb 16, '12 3:13pm PST 
Adorable. I love the pointed breeded cats.

Looks like a siamese-mix.

A Birman will always have white paws that extend to just where the foot bends and on the feet midway on the foot. The hair is silky smooth with no undercoat.

A ragdoll can have "mitts" but when they do they are more like full socks on each leg. Ragdolls, at least the colorpoints will always have a white chin. The hair is like bunny fur.

My best guess would be a siamese mixed with anything and the siamese points were strong so they carried on! Still, a beautiful cat.