White Star Whitester day 2012

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SNOW (In- Loving- Memory)

Purred: Sat Jan 21, '12 6:17pm PST 
Welcome all Catsters to the Pure White Kitty Club 6th Annual White Star Whitester Day.

Each year in January, a number of us white cats painstakingly choose some non-white kitties that have added something special to the Catster Community. In the following posts each white cat will announce an award to a special kitty.

Bring your furiends and all join the Pure White Kitty Club in conCATulating the following Award Winners.

Award winners we will need to have an e-mail address that we can send your Award to.
PLEASE: Do Not Post it here.
Send me an email with White star in the subject line.
Send it to cavebabebundy@Yahoo.com
I will then send your award by return mail. don't forget to include the recipients name as well.

Now let the posting & festivities begin !!!!

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♥Fros- ty♥

We are not- disposable:Love- us forever!!
Purred: Sat Jan 21, '12 6:34pm PST 
Oh my we do need to decorate a bit... Grab a crab cake & a cup of nip tea.... And celebrate the wonderful Felines of Catster !!!

I want to start by Saying I want to give my White Star award to a very friendly, Gracious Kitty. Mouse I am thrilled to be able to present you A White Star award...

The Drifter,- Fly free- sweet bo

Leinani is- my- princess
Purred: Sun Jan 22, '12 2:30am PST 
Thank you Snow. applause applause

My White star award for this year goes to my little cousin Ollie who went to the bridge suddenly last year after a short life.
We all miss him.

KARMA- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Over the Rainbow
Purred: Sun Jan 22, '12 4:59am PST 
My choice to recieve my White Star this year is Queen Mu
She is a great friend both to us here At the bridge &

♥Fros- ty♥

We are not- disposable:Love- us forever!!
Purred: Sun Jan 22, '12 5:13am PST 
Hi Drifter wave Hello Karma wave
Please enjoy some refreshments while you are here...

This is always such a good time....A chance to honor some wonderful
Catsters !!hailhailhail

SNOW (In- Loving- Memory)

Purred: Sun Jan 22, '12 5:32am PST 
Hello Friends, Looks like things are starting to move a little
happy dancehappy dancehappy dance snoopysnoopysnoopy hamster dancehamster dancehamster dance
I want to send My white Star Award to Hooch
He writes a good diary & has a kind word for every cat..

KC (In- Loving- Memory)

Grumpy Polar- Bear
Purred: Sun Jan 22, '12 7:10am PST 
I am sending my White Star Award to the lovely Ashlynne. She is a very brave cat with a great sense of humor. She's such a fine friend to our family. Concats Ashlynne!!


Love & purrs,

Spot-Dreambo- at In- Training #28

Purred: Sun Jan 22, '12 8:03am PST 
I'd like to give one to Ingen, #1011864
She adopted my brofur Novi!!! And gave him a good home!dancingdancingdancing

Blizzard AKA- The- Catfather

psycho kitty
Purred: Sun Jan 22, '12 8:07am PST 
I's wants to gives one to Tink, #1163957. She adopted my nephew Snow. Thank you Tink!!!wavewavewavewave

♥Fros- ty♥

We are not- disposable:Love- us forever!!
Purred: Sun Jan 22, '12 8:13am PST 
Do I need to bring more nip tea from the kitchen???

I hope you all are enjoying the fine company here...

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