Smelly cat acting strangely

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Today I noticed that my cat smells bad and is acting weird. In the basement I found what looks like dried up smeared yellow liquid. I figured the cat spit this up and slipped in it. He is walking slowly, pacing around and around the kitchen island, hanging out behind the sink in the bathroom, chewing shoes and putting Lego pieces in his mouth. All very unusual for this cat. He also seems uninterested in treats that he normally goes nuts for. Anyone have any idea what this could be?


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Yes, it could be something serious. Anytime a cat is not acting like itself to the degree you describe, it should be taken to the vet without delay. Like, now. Good luck.

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Get your kitty to the vet immediately. It sounds as though they might need medical attention.


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There are emergency hospitals for cats....Go now and don't hesitate at all. You will be kicking yourself if you wait until Monday.....


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Hope all went well for this kitty, any news please post..we're wondering!