Urinary Problems and Raw

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Purred: Wed Jan 18, '12 1:04pm PST 
So, Quetzal has suddenly come down with some serious urinary problems. He became unable to pee, except small amounts with blood, and distressed. I took him to the vet this morning and was told that his bladder and urethra are inflamed/possibly infected, as well as his intestines are swollen too although I haven't noticed any diarrhea.

The vet gave him an anti-inflammatory injection and some take-home antibiotics, as well as talked me into a week of Urinary S/O cans. It doesn't have any gnarly ingredients in it and at least it's not dry food, but I'm not keeping him on it longer than a week. I am worried that his allergies will flame up but I'm more concerned with his urinary problems right now.

Now he has an evil habit of chewing through the dog food bag and munching on the dry food. Usually this can be prevented so long as the door stays closed but my mother is forgetful and isn't the best at keeping it closed. I've given her a STERN lecture about this today and I don't think it'll be a problem in the future, but I wonder if this might have contributed to the problems.

He is on a prey-model diet that I've spent years perfecting and tweaking, and up until the other day he's been doing FANTASTIC on it. But this is a serious concern and I don't know whether it's from something I'm doing wrong with his food or if it's from the dog food or genetics or something else.

Does anyone have any tips for managing urinary issues on a raw diet, or any insight as to what might have caused this in the first place? My vet wasn't as lecturey as I expected but he did say that if it happens again after a week then we'll have to have a serious discussion about bis diet. He's not a raw-friendly vet so I know how that'll go, but I have no intentions of going off raw permanently.

I'm just frazzled and stressed and scared because I've been worrying myself sick about him and worried that somehow his diet that I've tried so hard to make perfect has made him sick.

Ugh. Any tips would be fantastic.


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Quetzal - I'm so sorry to hear this and I wish I had some tips for you! This is the first time I've heard of urinary issues with a raw fed cat. My feeling is that it *definitely* could have something to do with the dog's food, and maybe with mixing raw and dog kibble too close together? We always warn about feeding raw and kibble a minimum of 12 hours apart because of bacteria - could this be the intestinal problem? One thing I can suggest is some kind of tub or bin with a tight seal to keep the dog food in!

Please keep us posted on any developments. I'm very curious to get to the bottom of this and see if you can find out how it happened!


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Hi Quetzal. I'm afraid that I too can't really give you any insite on this matter either. BK already mentioned the only thing that I could think of, about putting the dog kibble in a metal or plastic bin to make it Quetzal proof. Just how much kibble does he eat when he gets to it?

You can try to get extra water into him for now by mixing water into the S/O food or by getting some meat only Stage 1 Baby food and mixing that with water and feeding it to him or syringing it down his throat.

Best of luck to you and Quetzal! hug



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What a scare!! This is the first time I, too, have heard of a urinary tract-related problem in a raw-fed cat, and I can only imagine how upsetting it could be.

How is Quetzal today?

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