Cats in mourning?

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Purred: Sat Jan 14, '12 10:59am PST 
Ben's brother, Kizmet passed away this morning. Ben was very attached to Kizmet. He was in the hospital for a few days before he passed, and Ben has been looking around for him ever since. He sleeps on his brother's blanket, he even dragged his favorite toy onto the blanket a few times. He walks around and meows, and it's heartbreaking. Ben has never been an only cat. When he arrived, we had Kizmet and Callie. Now it's just him. Eventually I will adopt another, because I don't want him to be alone and I don't think it's in his nature to be a loner cat. In the meantime, he's very clingy with me and needs lots of reassurance, which of course I am giving him.

I am sure ben is not the first cat to feel this, so if anyone has any advice to help comfort my little guy, it would be very appreciated.

apologies if this is in the wrong folder, I just figured it is a certain kind of behavior?

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Oh sweetie, this breaks my heart but it's very normal. Not all cats do this but the ones that are close like that definitely feel it. My only advice is exactly what you're doing already. LOTS AND LOTS OF TLC. Both of you lean on each other, let him be with you and give him lots of love and kisses. Go ahead and let him be with Kizmet's toys and blankets for awhile. Please keep an eye on him and make sure he's eating okay and not getting too depressed or lethargic. Cats can bounce back quickly but they can also make themselves sick with grief! I have a page on my website about grieving when you lose a pet and it does include a little bit about your pets mourning also. hug


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My friend Teddy had cancer and Mom and Dad had to send him to the bridge a few years ago. They took him to a special vet and left him there overnight so the specialist could do an endoscope, but there was nothing they could do to help poor Teddy. I was excited when I saw Mom and Dad come home with Teddy's carrier the next day, but there was no Teddy in it and Teddy's favorite blankie had a very bad smell to it. I walked around calling for him for several days but I never could find him again. I was very very sad, but Mom and Dad gave me lots of love and after a few months I had a new friend.

Last year our friend Priscilla was very sick and Mom and Dad had the vet come to our house to help Priscilla to the bridge. That was so much better for the rest of us kitties because we all got to come and sit in the room with her while she passed so we understood what had happened to her.


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My brother went to rainbow bridge 31/1/2010. I spent days crying, pacing, wouldn't eat, wouldn't go out, wouldn't even let my humans out of my sight. So around work etc they would sit with me, comfort me, my human mummy would sit and hand feed me and then i would only eat when the family sat at the table so my bowl got put next to the table at meal times to encourage me to eat. After a few weeks of this my humans adopted Dino and within days I settled back into being a cat again and became less dependant on my humans being around.

You are doing the right thing, lots of TLC and patience.