Oh NO!! Somebody please helllllppp??

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I adopted an 8 month old kitty for my sister..he is super sweet, an un-neutered (until the day after tomorrow that is) and suddenly stopped peeing in his litter box! He poops in it, but pees just about everywhere else!
I thought he was spraying, but my sis says he is peeing everywhere-like actual puddles-on clothes, beds, carpets, but he is still using the litterbox to poop!
Is this just because he isnt fixed yet?
Help! She says she cannot keep him if he keeps peeing everywhere-she has 2 young children-4 and 1 yr olds, and she cannot keep up with the cleaning up after him, and cant afford to lose any more of their new clothes..
I dont want her to give him up, but she cant afford to fix him and then give him away..??


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He could be marking territory, or it could be a something that's making him uncomfortable, like a urinary tract infection. Your vet should be able to help you rule out a health problem before he's neutered.

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Is your sister scooping out the litter box regularly, too? He might not want to go in it again if it's dirty. I would also suggest getting another box - I've heard of some cats that like to do their No. 1s in one box and 2s in another.


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Thank you for your responsessmile
Ya she cleans his litter regularily (she has a 1yr old who can get to his litter if she tries hard enough, so she has to, lol)..and there hasnt been much in it on account of him mainly only pooping in it..he doesnt poop anywhere but his litter box too..

ya I will be talking to the vet tomorrow morning when he goes in for neuter, so hopefully it isnt any underlying health problems..I am hoping so bad he isnt having any health issues *fingers crossed*

Thanx guys laugh out loud


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sounds like when silver had a mild uri he needed meds and it stopped when he was better.


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What did the vet say? Tia started doing that a few months ago & a friend suggested getting a second litterbox. I did, and after that she stopped peeing everywhere. (I did take her to the vet just to make sure everything checked out health-wise).