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Sylvester- Leroy

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Purred: Mon Dec 5, '11 6:24pm PST 
So, as many of you know I have been having quite the time with my pets getting sick. Now, Sylvester seems to have something going on as well. Before I had brought him in, he was diagnosed with a Urinary Infection, which was treated but now similar symptoms are repeating . So here is what's going on. Might I add that it is not stress related as nothing has changed in our environment, except getting rid of Kito, BUT he had some issues before Kito even arrived.

-Excessive hair pulling on back, by the lower end of his spine, almost to base of tail. Entire underside of tail is completely bald as well. As well as the lower tummy/groin area he is pulling out too.
-Increase of water consumption. I'd say about every 5-10 mins, when up and about, he is back at the water bowl.
-I noticed the other day while scooping the litter box he has a very thick, mucky/soupy like urine.
-Very foul breath, this could be from plaque build up as he hasn't been in, in some time for a teeth cleaning.

I plan on taking him to the vet as soon as I can get in, as they are mighty busy this time of season. But I kinda want to have a heads up on what may be going on with him. Would anyone have any thoughts?
I was thinking he could possibly have another Urinary Track infection. But I also read up on some other severe things like; Thyroid Cancer? Kidney Infection? Anyone know anything about them, could that be a possibility?

Smokie Boo- Dreamboat- #104b

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Purred: Tue Dec 6, '11 7:01am PST 
Sheesh...could be so many things that I couldn't even guess.....UTI, thyroid, allergies?

Could be anything....

Sylvester- Leroy

Rub my bell- please?
Purred: Tue Dec 6, '11 8:36am PST 
I have been doing some nosing around and some possibilities I came up with are;
-Hyperthyroidism- seeing as he is 14 years old and it is common in elder cats.
-kidney infections
-UTI (again)


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Purred: Tue Dec 6, '11 5:06pm PST 
First, we are so sorry to hear all of the bad symptoms and hope you discover the problem and that it can be remedied. We have never had any UTI problems here, however the hair pulling and bald areas, especially near the spine, have us concerned about an unknown spinal or nerve injury. Then again, this could also be symptomatic of stress from the urinary problems. Best of luck and we are purring for results, recovery, and many, many, many more years of love! hug

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