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Hello All! One of mommy's friends has done a wonderful thing and he needs some advice. He is the librarian at mommy's school and he found a kitten too young to be away from her mommy (the mommy cat was killed by a car and no other kittens were found- he brings her to and from work every day; she stays in the library and gets a lot of attention). He is feeding her kitten milk, helping her to go potty and keeping her clean and flea free. His main question is how much food should he be giving her? He feeds her every two hours, her name is " "Dewy" (as in Dewy Decimal). She has a lot of spunk and is really fighting to live. PLEASE if you have any experience in bottle babies we would love any and all help...

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I can't offer advice, but I can say how lovely of him to take Dewy in, god bless you for that.applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause May you have many years together.

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About how old is Dewy? Dewy is very lucky like I was in finding someone to care for her.
Here is some guide lines, Mom went by them. I have been with Mom since I was about 2 1/2 week old. Hope this helps you.

Oh yeah, she would use a digital postal scale to weigh me.


How Much Should I Feed?

Newborn kittens during their first week need to consume about 32 cc of formula per day. That is based on an average kitten weighing 120 grams. Because normal kittens range in weight at birth from 85 to 120 grams, the amount of formula they should drink is going to vary.

That amount should be spread out into about ten feedings, spaced about every 2 and-a-half hours round the clock. If the kitten is weak or stressed, it is even more important to give it more frequent feeding throughout the day and night.

During their second week, an average kitten consumes about 55 cc per day of formula. You can already cut back on the number of feedings if the kitten is steadily gaining weight.

By week three, the kitten should be consuming about 80 cc of formula per day; by four weeks 100 cc/day, and by 5 weeks about 125cc/day. By four weeks , the amount of formula the kitten consumes per feeding should have risen so that you get by with 5-7 feedings per day.

Kittens that are hungry and need feeding will cry continuously, move their heads from side to side and suckle on each other or on objects in the nest box.

Burping The Kitten

After each feeding hold the kitten upright with its tummy against your shoulder and pat it gently until it burps, releasing trapped air. Nursing bottles that do not release enough milk lead to more air being trapped as the kitten nurses. If the kitten should bloat or become colicky add a few drops of infant anti colic drops (simethicone, Equate Infants’ Gas Relief, WalMart Stores Inc.) to the formula and experiment with a new nipple, another feeding technique or different brand of formula.

Normal Weight Gain

Birth weights of kittens range from 85 to 120 grams. Their weight should double in their first 1 to 2 weeks. Kittens average about ten grams of additional body weight per day. Although this is a good average, they tend to grow in spurts. Seek a veterinarian’s advice if the kitten does not double its weight in 8 to 12 days.

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Momma took me in at two and a half weeks and had to bottle feed me. Bless him for taking in Dewy, and she says if he has any questions feel free to pawmail her! It's definitely a full time job until they get old enough to not need so much constant care!

Momma's gonna type for a bit now.

So far he sound like you're doing everything right. I'm guessing the kitten's eyes are open already? I would get a stuffed animal to put in the kitten's box. I know Kosuteh loved cuddling with the small stuffed snow leopard I used in her box. Since she's so young, I'd make sure that anyone he lets hold or touch the kitten sanitize their hands first by washing them or using hand sanitizer. Young kittens are very prone to disease and it's an easy thing to do to minimize the risk. It's hard work to hand raise a kitten, but it's very rewarding. Spend a decent amount of time with Dewy every day too. My husband and I would put her on our shoulder and walk around. She learned to hold on, and loved it. She still does it with my husband every day when he comes home from work.

If you need anything, or he does, don't hesitate to send me a pawmail. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions either of you have. smile

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WOW!!! You are all so amazing! Thank you for the advice, support and help. Mommy's friend is just as overwhelmed by your kindness as we are, though we are not surprised. Just as soon as we can we will try to get a photo of Dewy so you can all see the precious love you are helping us to help. Better yet, we hope Dewey will become a Catster cat applause. Thanks again! cheerdancing happy dancehail

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Mom had me since I was a week old- the stuffed animal idea is an excellent one. I had a little dog (how ironic)that I cuddled with at night, and to this day I now carry him around and sing. Mom calls him my babydog. Another important thing is to keep baby warm and away from drafts. And lots of attention. As long as she is gaining weight that is the best guide. Dewy's dad is awesome! Us teeny orphans are special little kitties.applause

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meow! there is kitten mommy's milk replacement in the pet suppy stores! if they are tiny, they need that! it's even in grocery stores! large chain stores have it in the pet food ilse. otherwize in an extreme emergency wet food very very watered down with bottled water only till you get the mommy's milk replacement. but hey, i would be getting the milk replacement immediately beacause tiny furbabies can die without it after so many hours! and also i want people to know about lactoferrin and colostrum for cat flu, colds, fiv and so forth! very important info!
i typed for so long and added so many site urls on here to refer too and no post shows!
my friend above who wrote this site has been in cat fancy magazine too.
please google lactoferrin for cats and you'll find dozens of pages on lab results and vets pages on this. my baby almost died second day we got her home from horrid upper respritory infection. four more times then my friend from the above page told me about lactoferrin and colostrum. the best magical healer i found. at vitacost.com you can get a good amount rather economical too. this site is the best for all suppliments. i've been using them for over twenty years. this lactoferrin and colostrum is great for humans too. put one capsule (opened and sprinkle the powder) onto wet food with a cap of bottled water and mix it up. each meal like three times a day a week or two weeks and great improvement will show. most natural immune booster there is. for humans:

h ttp://www.lef.org/protocols/prtcl-027d.shtml

google it for cats, lactoferrin for cats, colostrum too. i can't figure out why everyone isn't using it. they love the taste too. now, i hope this second post shows up! ♥
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