Electric cat boxes

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Black Thorne

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Purred: Thu Sep 29, '11 8:32am PST 
I was doing lots for research on Electric litter boxes. It seems that there is a lot of complaints about the scooping litter boxes. The complaints ive read is that they are very fragile, they get clogged up, and they are not easy to clean (Just the opposite by some reports.) The most popular (And seems like the most $$$) Is the Litter Robot, Now Thorne is a very large cat who pees like crazy, so there is ALWAYS allot of clumps in the litter.

Any way I was looking at the litter robot, so i went to a lot of different video websites comparing the size of cat to the machine. I can honestly tell you that Thorne would go in once and never again.

I found this other ELB (Electric litter box) Called the Litter Loo, I liked its nice and simplistic design. Sadly I couldn't find any dimensions. So i don't know if its big enough for Thorne, that and he has a tendency to dig a little strong.................

My hunt for the ever elusive ELB will continue!
It just might take a while smile


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Purred: Fri Sep 30, '11 11:50pm PST 
I've just started using the Litter Robot and some of my cats are pretty big - Xena is 13 pounds and a very big frame for a female cat. It is working really well and is easy to clean. Xena loves it and will even jump in when it it rotating and I've seen that the safety system works and stopped it.

The good thing about the litter robot is that they do a 90 day guarantee so you can return it if your cat doesn't like it and would just have to pay the postage. There are no used litter robots on ebay so they must live up to their guarantee. I've decided to keep mine as 4 cats like it and it is very easy to clean/empty and I just need to keep 1 litter box for the cat who won't use it.

Previously I tried one of the Litter Maid ones but that was terrible and got clogged and was more trouble than scooping regular litter boxes.