Future kitties and Current kitties!

If you are wondering what is the right cat for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about purring and learning.

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Stinkers Finn Franscis

Singing No- Worries, About a- thing!
Purred: Wed Jul 20, '11 4:29pm PST 
Well, not much is scortching for conversation in 'Choosing the Right Cat' section so I thought I would get something interesting going. Okay, so over at dogster a while back they did this thread that was called tell about your breed. Well I wanted to do the same thing but on catster. Cause to be honest I don't know as much about cats as I do about dog breeds. So I figured this would be a fun and interesting way to gain more knowledge.

Basically you tell about your cat such as behavior, temperment, personality, grooming, etc. Anything you wanna say about your cat and any info on the cat breed you'd like to add would be great!

And the second part of this thread after you tell about your current kitty, tell us what you want to own in your future. Can be either adopt, rescue, or from a breeder smile

Stinkers Finn Franscis

Singing No- Worries, About a- thing!
Purred: Wed Jul 20, '11 4:53pm PST 
I will start with my cat Stinkers!

Ragdolls...so much I could say about them. They truly are a joy to own, and I am sure others will agree with me. They personality is so unique, and any dog lover would LOVE them because they have characteristics like a dog. My stinkers follows me everywhere, all over the house, room to room like a side kick. He comes to me when I call his name. An he is one of the most affectionate cats I have met. He is shy of people he doesn't know or trust, but the ones he knows he is a big lover. Grooming them can be difficult at times but not to bad if you give them an every day brushing.

As far as future kitties for me:

-Offcourse I want to adopt from a shelter, or rescue. But breeds I would love to do so with would be...

○ I will forever own a Ragdoll
- Blue Lynx Division(Male)
-Chocolate Point (Male)
-Another Flame Point ( Male)

Maine Coon ( will also forever own one)
-Pure Black (Female)
-Cream Silver or Classic Cream(Male)

-Pure White(Male)
-Pure Blue(Male)

○Domestic Short/Med/Long
-Smokey Blue Color (M or F)
-Silver Tabby(M or F)
-Brown Tabby( M or F)
- Darker Tortishell(F)

Grant you I won't all of these at once, but would like to own them someday.

Sylvester- Leroy

Rub my bell- please?
Purred: Wed Jul 20, '11 4:58pm PST 
Maine Coons- Gentle Giants of the cat world is what they are called. Sucha cool cat another cat that has dog like personalities. They are active in their younger years but mellow out as they get older. Sylvester use to be a helian when he was younger, now he mellow and layed back. Grant you he still has his spunk in the morning time big laugh
Grooming is a hasel, they have greasy furr so therefore it can be frustrating at times to groom these guys. But its totally worth it, this was my first breed of cat I owned. They have showered me with tremendous amounts of love and continue to do so. They have captured a place in my heart cloud 9


I wonder what- this does?
Purred: Wed Jul 20, '11 5:05pm PST 
Norwegian Forest Cats, my goodness where to begin. This cat breed isn't for everyone. Quite rambunctious as kittens, and in the early years, and well into the later years. Some never just settle down. Bella is all over the place, he knows when something new is in the house. An he has to always be the first on top of the new thing. He is the michevious kitty would likes to scratch whatever he can get his claws into. Some say curiousity kills a cat, well if thats so bella would have been gone a long time ago. He is so smart, one of the smartest I have met, guess he out smarted curiousity as well. These cats activity level is about the activness of a border collie. Bella is Go-Go-Go. I let him out in early morning and he stays prowling outside for majority of the day. I absolutely love the breed. They are very beautiful creatures.


Don't touch me,- unless you have- treats!
Purred: Wed Jul 20, '11 5:09pm PST 
La Perm/ Angora- These cats are very distinct from other cat breeds. They are aloof to ones they don't know, and very VERY lovey to the ones they are closest too. They tend to bond with one individual opposed to many. Grooming is a menice they coat is so soft it tangles and mats INSTANTLY. I suggest if you get one of these kitties, you should be dedicated to grooming.

Stinkers Finn Franscis

Singing No- Worries, About a- thing!
Purred: Wed Jul 20, '11 5:10pm PST 
I forgot to add to my wonderful list!

Egyptian Mau(Brown Tabby)


cause thats what- i am a princess
Purred: Wed Jul 20, '11 5:50pm PST 
domestic shorthairs otherwise known as moggys. nellie and alexis are both very sweet and gentle. they never bite and never show aggersiveness. they both love attention and to be petted. i fell in love with type of cat after adopting them. they love to play with there toys and look at nature out of the window. they are very loving and love to be around people. i also like the fact they all have different purrsonalties

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I am Sia-mese if- you please!
Purred: Wed Jul 20, '11 9:42pm PST 
I will forever love Siamese (or Oriental Shorthairs) and I don't think I could ever not have at least one in my family. Ever since I was born my family has always had this breed, nothing else. Up until a few months ago, when I rescued my darling, Sipr (who seems to be very much like a siamese in some categories), I had never had any other breed.
Siamese are so loyal, loving, graceful, energetic, and intelligent. I don't think I could have a cat that didn't want to constantly be around me. Growing up, I've always come home and was greeted by chattering kitties with their tails straight up in the air, happy to see me. And who needs a TV when you got these guys? Siamese retain their kittenish playfulness well into their old age. Even with all their energy, they are more than happy to cuddle with you.
I know a lot of people who describe cats as aloof creatures that only come when they so desire. Never so with a Siamese. These chatterboxes NEED to be near you at all times.

And my Thrall is a shining example of the Siamese character- he wants to love EVERYONE. Boldest and friendliest cat there is.


I am Sia-mese if- you please!
Purred: Wed Jul 20, '11 10:02pm PST 
ooo and I forgot the blue eyes! How lovely those are!


Patch - wallpaper- stripper
Purred: Thu Jul 21, '11 6:04am PST 
I have 5 moggies, all different personalities. 3 rescues, 1 chosen and 1 born to one of my queens. I love them all.

What would I like to own? A siamese or oriental, but it must be a rescue, age don't matter, could be a tiny kit or an old stager. Up til having Ginge as a kitten, I always adopted older cats as a preference.

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