We moved and cat will not stop crying at night

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I've had my cat for about 7 years. I adopted him when he was about 4 so I'm guessing he's about 11 now. He's fixed and in good health. We moved 2 mths ago to a new apartment and even since then the cat wakes up at 3-4am and WON'T stop crying! I brought him to the vet who ran labs and said the cat is in perfect health and will eventually adjust. He gave me some cativan but Mocha acts so medicated and pitiful when I give it to him that I don't like to do it often. Mocha is eating and drinking.

Any advice on how to help him stop crying? Or how to help ME deal with it? He's always been a skittish cat but never used to do this in our old apt. Thank you!!

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my cats did this at night for few days after we moved. mom thought it was because they werent comfotable in the house yet. it also took them little bit to figure out why i disappeared to the second floor at night. and they would cry looking for me. so i placed cat beds in my bedroom so that they wouldnt be alone. they eventually stopped doing this.


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You might try half a cativan (is that like Ativan for humans?) and see if you have better results; I think it's worth checking


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I did try half (and a quarter) of a cativan (yes, that's like ativan for people - I just made that up!) and he's still so pathetic acting. Last night I squirted him with the water bottle and that seemed to help a little. I feel bad doing that, but I need to sleep!


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abby did the same thing when i moved and we had to put her on amnitriptaline (not sure if thats spelt right) and althought it did make her a bit dopey i left her on it for 2 weeks and it helped alot. I figured that it calmed her enough for those 2 weeks to realize she didn`t need to be stressed so now shes ok
So if you can deal with the dopeys try it just for a week or 2 and maybe she will calm down enough