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Spooky- (1/25/10-4/1- 4/11)

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My poor baby boy was put to sleep 4/14/11 frown He had some type of illness that was attacking his immune system and all the treatment he was not responding. They did not know what causing this and said any other treatment would not change the fact he would die.

if I could back track the story. I had to put Spooky into a foster home due to my living circumstances. I was working with an independent rescue worker who helped me get Spooky into the foster home and the plan for him was to adopt him out through Petsmart. I would have to get him fixed and brought up to date on his shots. He had his surgery and vaccinations through program at APL (rabies/distemper + feline leukemia and FIV) on 4/6 - Now i don't know what the recovery time is on a male cat who was neutured (sp??) but the foster people had him in Petsmart that Sat 4/9. Mon they found him to be sick and got him into the Banfield vet thats located within petsmart in where they started meds for diarehea/vomitting and IV fluids. They ran blood tests that indicated a drop in his white blood cells and he just continued to get worse. I had to get permission to go be with him the day I had him put down - I spent time with him and held him while they put hime to sleep.

I just dont get what happened??? he was health before going to the foster home - I dont know if any of the pets they had there was sick or if it was a reaction to the shots or something he could have picked up from APL. Nobody seems to know what happened?? I feel horrible frown I thought I was doing something good because I was unable to keep him frown frown frown

Spooky- (1/25/10-4/1- 4/11)

I'm not afraid - Mister spunky!!
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I have no idea what could have happened but I am so very, very sorry for your loss and for Spooky. Maybe his compromised immune system couldn't handle something he caught where he was. It's mind boggling sometimes how these things can happen. I wish I could tell you the reasons. All I can say is we're here for you and please don't feel guilty. You WERE trying to do a good thing for him. You were trying to give him the chance he didn't otherwise have. Please be good to yourself, you sound like a very caring person. hug

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Sometimes there are no reasons.
What I can say is that male cats do come through neutering usually with no problems. I personally would have waited a few days before putting him at Petsmart, only because though it's a really quick surgery and mostly tolerated (feral male cats are usually released back to their colony within 2 days after neuter). However, that doesn't mean that is what made him get ill.
I don't know what happened...It could be he had a compromised immune system. Stress can sometimes make things come on more. When I worked at a shelter, I would tell our adopters that when they got their kitty home, it would not be unusual for them to break with a cold because of the change in environment. However, a healthy young male can 'should' have had no problems. I am so, so sorry this happened and I can tell you that sometimes there are no answers. Please know we are all purring for you here. Our Louie who is a Mascot for rescued kitties met him and groomed him and gave him head bonks and led him across the bridge and they are purring together now. I'm so sure when things get better for you that you'll meet Spooky again-they come back, you know wink


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This is Morganna's mom. You *did* absolutely do the right thing for Spooky; that it didn't play out as you wanted it to is NOT your fault! I don't know what happened with Spooky; a low WBC can mean a viral infection, so he could have picked up a bug along the line and just couldn't throw it off.

We do the best we can and hope for the best. When Morganna showed up at my vacation cabin (still wearing stitches from having been spayed), I tried but could not locate a guardian. Not knowing her history, I had her given her shots - including the 3-year rabies shot. I know now that it was that shot that ended her time on Earth. She'd most likely already had a rabies shot, having been spayed, but I couldn't take that gamble, so I did what was the right thing: had her vaccinated. That vaccine caused her cancer. Like you, I did the right thing, but it turned out all wrong.

May Spooky's Creator hold you gently in the hollow of His hand, comfort you, and help you to find peace.


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I'm so sorry to read about Spooky's untimely trip to The Bridge. We are purring for you & for him.

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We are very sorry.. Being he was black this touches us more!!! We are very sad for your loss!