Traveling with my beloved QD to Illinois in summer on a plane. How do I keep her quiet!!!

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She loves to meow and howl, but she does it a lot when she is scared. She also freaks out when in a moving, well, anything. What do I do to keep her quiet?kitty


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Dunno...maybe a mild sedative from a vet....keep her carrier covered up....and pray real hard!laugh out loud Seriously, we do hope someone can give you some advice...we never travel! Good luck!


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I was just wondering about this myself! I may be moving somewhere requiring a flight, and worry so much about the yowling and, heaven forbid, what if she has an accident in her carrier? shock Barf, pee, and poop have been known to happen when nervous. OMG. silenced shock red face

Hopefully an experienced traveler on here has some advice!

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The only time mine have traveled is from home to the vet, and when I moved from my FEMA trailer to a house, but that was only about six miles.

However, Prozac (in a cream form) can do wonders for an anxious cat. It is rubbed into a cat's ear and helps them to relax. Had to use it on my cat Louie when he became very aggressive and once scratched me so hard I had to put a few layers of gauze and bandages on top of that. Getting older and moving to a regular house helped. But I cannot stress how much Prozac helped him to calm down.

Speak to your vet about getting some. It comes in a plastic syringe, and you push out about a half-inch onto your finger and rub it in the cat's ear. Might try it out a couple of times before the trip to see how long it takes to calm the cat. Be sure to put an article of your clothing with your scent on it in the carrier, and put the carrier out in your current home for at least a week before your move. Put treats in it and favorite toys, and the cat will get the associate this with the carrier. When you do go on the plane, bring an old towel to cover the carrier. Being in the dark seems to help cats calm down as well.

As far as "accidents" in the carrier, get some of the "Puppy Pee Pads" and put a couple on the bottom of the carrier - tape them down with masking tape. If the cat does have an accident, you can pull out the Pee Pad and throw it away. Best price on these is at Family Dollar or Dollar General.

Good luck, know you will hear from other CATSTERS with more experience in flying with cats.

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the furtherest alexis and i traveled was with mom we traveled 3hrs from indianapolis to chicago. mom had to talk to us us in route to so we knew that she was still there. let just say we were not that happy being stuck in a carrier that long.


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I was worried about this too, but actually my cat Church did not make a sound the whole plane ride (IL to NH)...
I would suggest putting down a thick towel in the carrier in case of accidents. I would also suggest having a harness on your cat, because they will have you take her out of the carrier and carry her through the metal detectors while the empty carrier goes through the x-ray machine.