Loki needs help!

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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I am the boss of- you!
Purred: Thu Feb 10, '11 5:52am PST 
Monday evening my Loki was listless, he's normally rambunctious and always wants on my lap. The next morning he would barely move, and wouldn't eat his morning wet food that normally makes him sit up on his hind legs he's so excited to get it.

We took him to the vet immediately, his behavior just wasn't like him, blood work & x-ray came out fine so they think it's his pancreas. Sent us home with anti-nausea & antibiotics to keep him overnight, they said if he's not better in 24 hours to bring him back to be admitted. This morning he's laying in the same spot as we left him last night, we're not sure if he got up or not, we think he may have used the litter-box. He just looks very sleepy and his eyes are just glazed over. So as far as we know he's not eaten or drank in about 2 days which is very dangerous, he weighs 19 lbs now (up 2 from his last checkup!), so we're so scared right now. My husband is home with him all day so he's keeping close tabs.

So we're going to have to take him back, it's awful how much they're charging to keep him overnight, I can't afford it, but I'll go into debt he's so worth it frown

I'll keep you updated on his status! Right now I just need to focus on work to keep my mind off this cry

Jill- Teagarden

Furrever Homes- Rock!!!
Purred: Thu Feb 10, '11 6:56am PST 
Sending MASSIVE amount of purrs and prayers for Loki. We all understand your concern, after all, these are our furbabies.

The New Orleans Kittieshug


Purred: Thu Feb 10, '11 7:16am PST 
Many, many purrs for Loki from England too, hope he is well soon hughug


I am the boss of- you!
Purred: Thu Feb 10, '11 9:16am PST 
Thanks all, his breathing was shallow this morning so we rushed him back to the hospital. They said he's stable now and at least somebody can watch very closely.

They're now questioning if it's even pancreaitis, and not something else so they're doing more x-rays with contrast to see if his bowels are an issue. I'm gonna stop and see him after work frown My poor baby!


Patch - wallpaper- stripper
Purred: Thu Feb 10, '11 10:36am PST 
Hope Loki is better soon xxxxxxx

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Thu Feb 10, '11 4:42pm PST 
Hi there, I had pancreatitis so anything you'd like to know you can ask me. I'd be glad to try and help. I know you aren't sure that's what it is, but just the same. I'm here and we're all here anytime you need us okay? We're sending super loud purrs and hugs to you both! hug


I\'M HAVING- FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Purred: Thu Feb 10, '11 6:05pm PST 
Hugs and purrs to all of you from South Carolina. Keep us posted.hughug

Orange Ruffy

The Baboo Kitty- has Spoken!
Purred: Thu Feb 10, '11 6:49pm PST 
Mom is Lighting and candle and sending many purrs to you from here!!!!
This sounds like what happened to me twice-I have asthma and I was very listless and when bought to the vet my temp. was low....I got a shot and some antibiotic, mom and dad got a good air purifer and humindier and now I'm feeling much better.

Many purrs for Loki


Little O
Purred: Thu Feb 10, '11 10:56pm PST 
We are all purrring for you Loki!!



I am the boss of- you!
Purred: Fri Feb 11, '11 1:23pm PST 
Thank you all for the well wishes, they called this morning and said his fever is still high, and that they'd like to keep him another night so we said okay, even though or total bill is nearing $2000 (which is definitely beyond my means right now). I miss my baby cry

They're not sure what it is and can't rule anything out yet, I am scared to death that it's FeLV. They cleared him of it during an IFA test when we first adopted him last summer (he was positive on two Elisa Snap tests). So we brought him and and have had lots of fun, he's an amazing cat.

But I'm scared now the virus somehow re-entered his system and now it's hitting him, it was bizarre how fast it happened he went from spunky to laid out in 2 hours, I just knew something was wrong.

I'm hoping and praying it's not that, that it's just some freak thing or something relating to his weight, but we're ordering another IFA to make sure, I don't know what I'm going to do if it's positive, we can't introduce him back into the house with the other cats...I've been in tears all day since this happened. frown

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