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I\'m beautiful!
Purred: Wed Jan 12, '11 8:26pm PST 
My cat Alice likes to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. She likes to sit on the counter and stare at herself in the mirror. I know laying in the sink is fairly normal, but the whole staring at herself in the. Mirror? Is that weird or Is she a cat version of Marcia Brady?? Lolol


Backflips are my- specialty!
Purred: Thu Jan 13, '11 4:28pm PST 
Don't you know cats are weird and eccentric on the whole? LOL. She just admires her own beauty. Nothing wrong with that. As long as she doesn't decide that it's another cat and attack the mirror.

alley cat- angel

Miss Alley girl- girl
Purred: Thu Jan 13, '11 9:33pm PST 
Naybe she thinks she is Alice in wonder land you know trying to ssee what is inside the mirror. My alley cat used to try ad look around or behind any mirrore after she looked into them it was almost like she was trying to go to the place she saw in the mirror. LOL


I still suck my- thumb...
Purred: Sat Jan 15, '11 4:45pm PST 
Coop is just obsessed with EVERYTHING about the bathroom. The toilet. (he'll put his paws in it.) The sink. A dripping faucet. It's his favorite room in the house.

We tell him he's going to be a plumber when he grows up!
Coop's mom


Were you you- hiding those- treats?
Purred: Sun Jan 16, '11 1:37am PST 
Shes probably wonderinng how in the world did I get so beautiful. XD

TGM Gimli DB- #101a

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Purred: Sun Jan 16, '11 9:16am PST 
Gimli and K.C. spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Every time I go in there, usually at least 2 or 3 kitties follow me and Trinity (the doggy) does too. Both Gimli and K.C. love to drink out of the faucet. Sometimes they sit on the bathroom counter and just look around at stuff. Nigel liked the bathroom too; I once got a cool pic of him looking over his shoulder at me (he was looking at himself in the mirror).


Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Mon Jan 17, '11 12:40pm PST 
I think thats so cute that she admires herself.
Its all good. cheer


I\'m beautiful!
Purred: Wed Feb 23, '11 6:50pm PST 
Coopurr: That's Alice! Whenever the door is open, she's either admiring herself in the mirror, laying in the sink, trying to get attention from me or daddy if one of us are in there or staring into the toilet. I'm so glad she doesn't drink out of it! lol.