barfing in the litterbox

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Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
Purred: Tue Jan 11, '11 6:43pm PST 
Today Tiny was in the living room, dead asleep. She suddently jumped up, utterd a low "moooow" then ran like heck to her litterbox where she puked.

Of course i felt bad for her, but i was pretty impressed she ran to her litterbox to barf. Saved me from cleaning up a nasty stain on the rug (it was all liquidy...gross)

i had to share. no one else thinks its awesome my cat pukes in her litterbox. i think its great. (not that she barfed, but that it was in her box)

Shes fine,btw. just some canned food tummy upset.

Penn & Teller

Masters of The- Multiverse
Purred: Tue Jan 11, '11 8:57pm PST 
Coolest. Thing. Ever.


headed for the- light.
Purred: Wed Jan 12, '11 12:39am PST 
Ringo would do that most time he had to puke. Tiny, I know you have been in bad shape. I hope you are lots better-I was worried.

Princess- Zelda- Serafina

Nobody puts- Princess in the- corner!
Purred: Wed Jan 12, '11 11:30am PST 
On the few occasions that my cats have puked, they have also headed towards the litter box. At least with vomiting, where there is upchuck, regurgitation generally happens too quick for them to get there. Luckily, the dog who vomits often has learned to ask to go out to do so. dancing


I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Wed Jan 12, '11 11:36am PST 
Can Tiny come teach Boris how to do that? I'm tired of cleaning off hairball stains from the carpet. I've gone through gallons of Nature's Miracle for sure. frown

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
Purred: Wed Jan 12, '11 10:45pm PST 
if i could puke train cats id be rich!

poor Tiny dosnt feel well frown i told her she was so smart and good for barfing in her litterbox. I felt so sorry for her, she barfed all night after i made that post. shes at the vets right now overnight frown

Pete- Fountain

So happy to have- a safe and- loving home!
Purred: Thu Jan 13, '11 8:09am PST 
Boris and Gracie's mom: I got one of those Bissell "Little Green Machines" which can spot clean carpets....and LOVE it!!! It is the best for cleaning up stains in carpets. Unfortunatley none of mine think to go to the litter box to barf, nor on any of the ceramic tile or laminate floors....just the bedroom carpet.

The New Orleans Kitties

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Fri Jan 14, '11 5:16pm PST 
Miss Tiny- Burr Burr, I'm sorrie frown yoo got sick in da widda box.
That was a furry nice litta lady tingie yoo did.
Mommy & all ob us Mommies knows bout da carpet stuff, eek

Hope yur feelin betta now!

Nature's Miracle granules really does a Pawsome jobbie, Mommy always keep a container in da house for those off days.
It's always on da Carpet, not my tile floors, Baffroom & Kischen......

Those Bissell "Little Green Machines work wonders.

Think I've seen them at Wal - Mart for about $100.00 around heyah.
My neighbor down the hall has one & says their great to have.

Glad your feelin betta. smile

Kally Kat


I am the King of- all my whole cat- family
Purred: Wed Jan 26, '11 4:54pm PST 
I have not been on this site for ages and really miss it! Yep, my cat Thaddypuss just started doing this and I am VERY Impressed!!! He is just doing his mommy a favor. Love it! happy dance