Now he's eating cat litter??

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So he was diagnosed with crystals.
So I've been feeding raw and giving him some ground mixed with water.
He is not impressed but has been eating it until recently.
Today, he went to steal food from one of the other cats (whole prey), I put my foot in front of him to stop him, he glared and then went to a box.

I stood in disbelief because my 4y/o cat started eating the litter like some silly kitten! I picked him up, put him back by his food ad he ran riht back to the box.

Now I had just cleaned the box entirely so it was clean litter.

WHY would he be doing this?? I crated him and changed the boxes to non clumping I use for kittens we foster but I mean ????? I called our vet but he didn't get back to me before I had to leave for work. *sigh*


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Have you talked to the vet yet?

Eating litter (or licking cement or plaster) can be a symptom of a mineral deficiency, or something even more serious like diabetes, renal failure, or hyperthyroidism. It's definitely something that needs to be checked out.


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My 9 month old cat was also eating his little shortly after we got him. We were using clay but switched to wheat litter when we saw him first eat it. Then he stopped using his box. Took him to the vet and they said he had bateria in his urine, but it wasn't a UTI. We then changed his litter to the Feline Pine pellets and he hasn't attempted to eat any of those. After the antibiotics and a good cleaning of the box, he started using it again

But now he licks things. Wood, plastic, glass, SS, teracotta... you name it he licks it. The vet said its normal and not to worry.

You could try a litter change ans see what happens.


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Guh the last time we went into the vet I wanted him to be checked for hyperthyroidism. He doesn't do it often but once in a great while I'll notice him trembling. Vet just brushed it off as pain from crystals.

What about anemia?

He's also eating about 1lb of food a day if I let him...

Vet didn't get a hold of me before I had to leave for work shrug I'll probably try again monday or look for a different vet. I'm thinking of finding a holistic one.

Also since then I've only noticed him using the box appropriately, he's not munching on it today. I even brought out the clumping, I really hate the non lol

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IDK now he's laying in it. I pulled him out but he went right back in.

at least he's not eating it today shrug


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shrug very strange indeed! I sure hope you are able to figure out what is wrong and hope things do not get any worse!
Please let us know what goes on.
Good Luck and hugs..hug

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hmm.. if he's laying in it i would be worried about the crystals. when MrB was staying in the litter it ended up being cancer in his bladder and having the feeling of needing to pee constantly.

i would take him to the vet again.