Does anyone know of a rescue group that helps cats in war zones?

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Riley- (Rainbow- Bridge- 11/13)

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Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 1:19pm PST 
I have a friend who is serving in the Army in Afghanistan. He's fallen in love with one of the base cats and wants to send her stateside. Evidently it's an expensive process.

I said I'd help him with this project and I'm just starting to investigate our options. If anyone knows of a group that does this kind of thing, please let me know. Thanks!

Merlin- >PAWS<- [In Loving

Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 2:25pm PST 
Well, this certainly has been done. Try Operation Baghdad Pups; I believe their purpose is to help in situations like this, recognizing the importance of nonhuman companions to the military personnel. Good luck - and please keep us posted!

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I agree with Merlin...the SPCA International's Operation Baghdad Pups would be a good place to start. Their website isn't clear whether this is mainly for troops in Iraq, but I'm sure they can at least offer advice.

Requesting Assistance from Operation Baghdad Pups

Riley- (Rainbow- Bridge- 11/13)

Mama's Boy-And- Proud Of It!
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I looked at their website and while it seems that they help more than just dogs, I wasn't sure if they had expanded their efforts to Afghanistan. Thanks!