Post-Surgery Sweaters

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Curiosity Killed- Kaden
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 7:48pm PST 
Kaden had to have surgery after swallowing some needles and thread. He is quite bare on his belly right now and I think he might be a bit cold. He seems so embarrased! Would it be acceptable to buy a small dog sweater and put it on him? I think he might feel a lot better.

Olivia,- Tanner, &- Finn

The Dyna Cats!
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 8:27pm PST 
Certainly! If he seems cold, by all means put a sweater on him. His dignity may suffer temporarily, but at least he'll be warm.

Nikolai - Dreamboat- #24

Sir Nikolai
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 9:52pm PST 
I recently asked the same question on behalf of my sisfur Minnie! My mom purchased Minnie a dog sweater and discovered it did not sufficiently cover her shaved belly. You may have better luck purchasing a onesie at Wal-Mart or Target and cutting off the bottom end. In either case, I would recommend buying a cheap "test sweater or onesie." Minnie acted like she was paralyzed in the dog sweater so my mom ultimately took it off. She has yet to try the onesie on Minnie.

Thomas Liam

The Cautionary- Tail
Purred: Wed Dec 1, '10 12:34am PST 
Ditto on the onesie, or a small sweatshirt... if his abdomen was shaved, a dog sweater probably isn't going to cover him where he needs it.

When Thomas received a major shavedown at the ER late last year, I bought a couple of cheap short-sleeved onesies and an infant sweatshirt that were in the clearance bin at Old Navy. (I think they ran $1-$2 a piece.) I cut holes in the onesies for litter box purposes and his tail, and would put the sweatshirt on over the onesie at night with the sleeves rolled up. In the end, we just used the sweatshirt. Much easier!

He was oblivious to the onesie, but the sweatshirt took a little getting used to. Once he realized it meant being warm (we live in the Northeast and don't have the greatest heating system), he was okay with it. In retrospect, he probably would have been more accepting if I'd cut the arms instead of rolling them up. wink

Teddy- McLovin-My- Angel

Purred: Wed Dec 1, '10 2:58am PST 
Mom dressed me in dog clothes and onesies when one of my hot spots would flare up. She found that a onesie wasn't long enough for me if she wanted to snap it. So she would buy a cheap package of 4 and cut the snaps off one to attach to another to lengthen it. Then just cut a tail/litter hole and I was all set. I was lucky that my spots were usually on my shoulders so an unsnapped one was fine, but this is a good option if you need the length.


Not a Bobtail - But Not a Full- Tail!
Purred: Wed Dec 1, '10 4:38am PST 
If he is cold, go ahead. It wont hurt him physically, but his dignity might be a bit bruised. laugh out loud

QGM- Harlequin- (Striped- Seven)

I am a show- champion!
Purred: Wed Dec 1, '10 12:29pm PST 
I would suggest a dog t-shirt instead of a sweater, the sweaters tend to leave the stomach bare.
way to go