cat water fountain- better to get stainless steel or ceramic?

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Purred: Fri Nov 19, '10 11:23pm PST 
I want to buy the Pioneer Raindrop Pet fountain, and I can't decide between Stainless Steel or Ceramic. Which is healthier? Both look good and are easy to clean. I was worried that the ceramic might get cracked easier though. Any suggestions or experience with this fountain?

Apollo (In- Memory)

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Purred: Sat Nov 20, '10 4:57pm PST 
Not familiar with the fountain. Both the Stainless Steel and Ceramic are the best choices and I agree with you that the ceramic, although very sturdy, can break or chip. We have ceramic bowls at home for our food and water because being heavier than stainless steel, they are less likely to tip.

Guess my answer didn't help you very much, huh? shrug

Lucy Nooner

Purred: Sun Nov 21, '10 12:28pm PST 
Hi Toki! I have the stainless steel pioneer raindrop pet fountain. My kitties (and especially my elderly dog laugh out loud ) absolutely love it. So far, it's been easy to clean and I've been happy with it. I went with stainless steel because my kitty Lucy has horrible allergies and is prone to kitty acne. I decided that stainless steel was the best option for her.

I was a little disappointed when I got the fountain; it looks so fancy in the online photos and it's a lot lighter and less fancy than I expected. But it works and they love it!


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Purred: Mon Nov 22, '10 5:10am PST 
Ceramic cat fountains are said to be the best but I read on another blog that the pioneer fountains are made in china and are cheaply made. And you can't really expect them to be truly food-safe. I've done a lot of research on this and the best I've found are the glacier point and cat fountains on Etsy. The cat fountains on Etsy have great reviews and they are the best looking I've found.

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Purred: Mon Nov 22, '10 11:26am PST 
We've tried both the stainless steel and ceramic. Personally I like the stainless better, the ceramic was ridiculously heavy and would be a pain for the washer. The ceramic was also much larger than the stainless and took up a ton of room. However, we keep the stainless in the vicinity of the litterbox and a few little pieces got in and rusted it or something. So, positives with both, but I'd go for the stainless.


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Purred: Wed Nov 24, '10 11:52am PST 
Thanks! I've seen (online) pics of the glacier point fountain, and it looks good, but kind of big. I have very limited space unfortunately. and it is more expensive, and I can't spend that much. frown I was leaning toward the pioneer one because it looks compact and I only have one cat. It sucks that it is lighter and cheaper, but it might be the best I can do. I think I will get the stainless steel. I'll post a review when it comes.