Adopt a cat to keep mice out of a warehouse....

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I'm just curious as to what you all think and if there are any regulations regarding this.

My brother works with my father, who owns his own business. They keep their inventory in a warehouse. Their half of the warehouse is not that big. Within the warehouse is an office from which they work from. During the summer, they have air conditioning in the office, and during the winter, they have heat in the office. The warehouse is also equipped with heaters, but they do not run them.

Anyway, they're just now starting to be invaded by mice. In their office, in their drawers, mouse poop on their desks. They've set out traps and have caught a few.

I just kind of jokingly told them to get an office cat. But the more I thought about it, they more I realized that might actually be a good idea. They're there 5 days a week for the majority of the day. The office is only a few minutes from the house, so they could easily stop by on weekends too. Or, I suppose I'd be the one stopping lol.

What do you guys think about adopting a cat for an office specifically to help with the mice? They always seemed to like the idea of having an office dog, but knew it'd be too much of a hassle. A cat is far less of a thing to deal with than a dog. My father delivers to the local animal control, and they're always packed full with cats.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I think it's a great idea, as long as they pick a fairly active kittythat will think it's fun, fun, fun!


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Just as long as they don't think having a single kitty in an office and the adjoining warehouse is going to instantly solve a mouse infestation of that magnitude. We had a couple mice get into a relatively unused room of our house and even without getting to the point where we were finding droppings or seeing them they bred enough that a few months later we're only mostly sure that us *14* cats have caught all the resulting mice. One super-mousing kitty will be lucky to make a tiny dent in that problem, especially if the mice still have a food supply like something in the warehouse. Plus you have to consider that if you introduce any pets you eliminate the ability to use poison chemicals and severely limit where you can use snap or glue traps. They may want to consult a professional to get the problem under control and consider getting a cat (or two!) to help keep future mice away after the the place is all cleaned out.

As for the legality, in the office part the same laws applying to keeping a cat in a similarly sized residence most likely apply. For the warehouse it may be trickier, especially if they are storing food. But if they are storing food in there and have a terrible mouse problem that's probably a much bigger concern! Should ask the people at animal control about it when they go to look at the cats- someone there should know the local laws.


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I think it is a brilliant idea. I have been to several libraries that had TWO cats as pest control and every feed store in my county has at least three office cats.

I am curious as to what inventory is stored. Or did I miss that part?


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Oh, sorry, they do not keep any food items in inventory. They mostly have janitorial supplies...paper...gloves...etc. They do sell chemicals, but those are kept in another room because they have to keep them heated in the winter to prevent freezing.

I think their main concern is with mice within the office....chewing on cords and such. They haven't noticed any problems with their inventory.

Anything in particular to look for in a cat for this? I know someone (sorry forgot the name) said an active kitty, but anything else?


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It's Queenie. You probably need to have a cat that has a proven track record of catching mice or lizards or something. Some cats are just not taught how to do it by their momcats. But if you are going to start out by having the cat in the office, where the worst of the problem is, you need a nice friendly cat, too, with good people skills.

If you want to do a warehouse, you probably need more than one cat, and maybe a team. A feral momcat and her kittens would be perfect. You would get lots of good publicity by adopting her if you want that. You do need to get the kittens all fixed or you will have a cat problem in a year or so.

Friends of our person had a large book warehouse and used cats, which were very successful and much loved. Unfortunately the warehouse caught fire and the two cats died of smoke inhalation. But they rebuilt and have gotten more cats.

We don't know where you are but our person would like to offer my brother and me as mousers. We are part feral, big and energetic, although we have not ever caught a mouse. The other two cats who live with us are dominant and when there is a mouse to catch, they do it and we watch. Our person is over the limit for cats in her home, and wants to find us a good home where our energy and physical skills would be useful rather than damaging.

Good luck finding a team of mousers! wave


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Queenie, I live in Kankakee, IL....not incredibly far away big grin.

I'll have to do some more talking to see if my father is up to it. I know my brother would enjoy it. They always do love it when I bring my dogs to visit them at work....so who knows.

They first started their business in a very old factory building. Lots of holes in the ceiling..open windows...the place was huge. A cat gave birth in one of the boxes they had by their office, and both my dad and my brother fell in love with the cat. The cat was very skittish, but they would put food out for it and tossed a few blankets in some other boxes for her. They even called me and told me to buy food for it lol.

They've since moved to this smaller place and haven't seen any cats here. This place is much nicer and kept up pretty well, so I doubt cats could get in. But mice always seen to find a way.


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This is Queenie and Fluff's person. Although the drive to Kankakee might be a nightmare of howling, we have relatives in the S. Chicago area that we occasionally go up to visit, so it is doable.

Both of these cats are major escape artists, and probably so are most other cats, so you would need to make sure there are no ways that a cat can get through walls, floor etc. Mice can walk along water pipes and wriggle through wiring openings--any opening as large as a quarter. And of course after they get in, new ones get born there.

Our person used to be a big supporter of Treehouse cat shelter in Chicago, and if you want to get a local cat, they might be one to contact. Although they do have politically correct views that cats need to be pets not workers and have pampered lives. We no longer support them since they refused to take Fluff and Queenie when they were kittens, because they said they were full up and they were not adopting out any cats or kittens over the holidays, because pets are not presents. Then we got a newsletter with a big story about how they took in a family of cats on Christmas Eve and adopted them out. We think they pick and choose too much to be of much value as a shelter.

You know where to reach us here on Catster ... wave

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Another suggestion of an animal shelter is the Assisi Animal Foundation:
It's a small no-kill shelter in Crystal Lake that may be able to help you. I don't know their policy regarding "working cats", but I'm sure they would know the laws and legality about office and warehouse cats.

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Mmmm..sounds like my job! Another kitty and I were mousers at a florist shop. One day the shop caught fire, the other kitty and I escaped, I didn't see him again but I came back, I missed my home though I'm shy with people, I was a shop kitty, now I'm in foster care to be adopted out as a shop kitty..too bad I live in Nebraska and Il is not the coast but still too farcry..