Humane death for the dieing?

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My owner, having worked in nursing, has had to deal with death many times. Then also with his own pets which hurts him just as deep.
His mother always said "They shoot horses don't they?". It was her way of stating her dissapointment with doctors making people endure a sometimes long and painful death. Telling his patient that he can't do anything more because it is against the law to perscribe any more medication. People are not allowed to die with, what some people consider for animals, a dignified death by being "put down".
I was born to a stray MawMaw cat that knew where I would be cared for. This nice man cares and loves me as a creature of this earth. He has cared for my brothers and sister creatures of this earth and been there to provide "care and comfort" at lifes end as the law allows for people. Being "humane" is puzzling!
Death is part of living, and he has learned to let it be. You can look at getting a shot with cold lead, or drugs, or other ways to promote death as "humane". I know he will be there to comfort me, as he has for others as the end of their life grew near. I will know I was cared for to the very end of my natural life, and death.


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I understand completely what you are saying. Our Aunty passed away this Friday, and Mom watched her get sicker & sicker. Hospice helped a little bit, but the end was very hard. We thought about the same things you state.

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As a society we allow animals a *humane* death but deny it to humans. People with terminal illnesses may linger for months. The dying can suffer tremendous pain. Some of those people want a humane end to their suffering but a humane death is not an option for them. Some people would never consent to euthanasia. If euthanasia was allowed for humans, people who know they are terminally ill, are suffering a lot of pain as they're dying and want a humane death could consent to euthanasia. If a dying person wasn't able to give consent, who would make the decision pro or con for euthanasia?

Euthanasia (which means a good, easy, painless death) is legal for our animal companions and we make the decision for them. Even though I've had all of my cats euthanized when they were dying and suffering, it disturbs me deeply and I've never felt easy about it. Animals can't tell us if they agree with our decision and that's something I've always struggled with.

My issue with euthanasia for my cats boils down to this: who gave me the right to decide when and how my animal companion dies? At the same time, knowing that there's no cure for their disease and nothing more can be done for one of my cats and then watching them waste away and suffer pain as they're dying is more than I can bear and I always opt for euthanasia.


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I understand this discussion too well. Both of my parents died horrible and painful deaths. I would not let my Ben, G.A. undergo this. I feel that you should do all that you can without giving too much pain. Ben got radiation treatment for his hyperthyroid, many vet visits to prevent disease, and insulin for his diabetes. Cancer was finally the last straw. He told me in his way when it was time. You know in your heart when it is time. Meanwhile, you help them as much as you can. I wish that cats could live longer. They are so good to us and give us love and tenderness. I try not to focus on the end as much as having them with us as long as we can.


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I too agree with everyone else. All you can do is love them like each day is the last. In the end you'll always have that and it will all be worth while.

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Luckily I have never had one of my pets die yet. Of course I would rather let them go naturally, but if they were truly dying in pain, and it came down to it, the kind and humane thing would be to help them go. Keeping them around and prolonging their suffering is selfish and cruel. Trust me, an animal will tell you when it's time and they've had enough. There're these 2 boys at church who have a very sick JRT, and he's clearly not enjoying life anymore. The vet has advised that they put him down, but the mother will not do it. She wants to keep him around till Christmas, but the poor dog is in so much pain, and she wants him to suffer like that for 3 more months? I know it's hard to let go of a furbaby you love sooo much, but inevidably, you need to put the animal's needs before yourself.


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Nina, I've seen that before and it's just heart breaking. We would all love to keep our furry loved ones around as long as possible but there is just a point when it become selfish. I'm sorry you have to see that. It' unfair to the critter as well as everyone else around.