How did you come up with a name for your cat(s) or kitten(s)?

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♥- Socko- ♥

Beware the lean- mean sock thief!
Purred: Fri Aug 13, '10 1:12pm PST 
I believe that the name of a four-legged feline can really tell a lot. Some cat owners come up with the names in a flash-it simply just falls into their heads, other cat owners take a lot of thinking through both factors and famous thoughts. Here are the factors for my cats and my kitten.
Socko-I came up with the name for my kitten Socko by just thinking of a name that was both cute and fitting for both his personality and his appearance. Socko was a name that a rather minor character from iCarly was, and I thought the name was great anyway!
Daisy-I came up with the name for my cat Daisy from having my family help me. We all agreed that Daisy was a great name for a white cat.
Misty-When we first got Misty, I was very young; I hardly even remember it! However my mom and older sister have told me that it had to do with her stormy looking fur.

Charmaine- Neville

Hey Dawlin!!!!
Purred: Fri Aug 13, '10 1:31pm PST 
Well, we are all named for New Orleans musicians. First it was Emma and I. I am named of course for Louis Armstong (a.k.a. Satchmo), one of the most famous jazz musicians to come out of New Orleans. My sister's full name is Emma Barrett. She played jazz piano at Preservation Hall, and liked to wear bells around her ankles, which rang as she played, he nickname was "Emma the Bell Girl". Our brother Benny Grunch is named for a local musician...check out his website: bennygrunch.com; then came Pete Fountain, (clarinet player for many years on Johnny Carson's show and New Orleans native. Then came Charmaine Neville (daughter of one of the Neville Brothers), and then Buddy Bolden (he was considered one of the first to play true "jazz" music early in the 20th century, and last, but not least Al Hirt (a.k.a. "Jumbo"), who played the jazz trumpet. Meowmy just wanted names for us that spoke of New Orleans. She lost four kitties in Hurricane Katrina, they have pages here on CATSTER also. That is why we usually sign our posts "The New Orleans Kitties"

♥- Socko- ♥

Beware the lean- mean sock thief!
Purred: Fri Aug 13, '10 5:57pm PST 
Cool! I think that that's very interesting! Also, I sent a message to you asking if you and I wanted to be friends.

TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Fri Aug 13, '10 6:28pm PST 
I am named after Gimli the dwarf in the LOTR trilogy. I am a Manx cat and I am very stocky like a dwarf! Nigel is named after Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap. Isis and my cat-mom, Aphrodite were named after the goddesses. Tabitha is named after Samantha's daughter on the old television series, "Bewitched." Kahlan was named after one of the lead female characters, Kahlan Amnell, in the "Sword of Truth" series of books by Terry Goodkind. You may have seen the television series, "Legend of the Seeker" which is adapted from the books. Charlie is named after the character Charlie from "Lost". Mom thought he looked like a Charlie and mom thought he was lost. K.C. is short for Kitty Cat, but mom and dad didn't name her. She is my littermate that mom and dad adopted out when we were kittens and she came back to live with us two years ago. Mom and dad say if they wold have kept K.C. instead of me, she would have been named after a Viking or a goddess. K.C. seems to like her name and she responds well to it, so mom didn't change it. Firestar is a stray that comes by the house once in a while and he is named after the leader of Thunderclan in the "Warriors" books.

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♥- Socko- ♥

Beware the lean- mean sock thief!
Purred: Sat Aug 14, '10 7:55am PST 
That's neat! I think your cats should be really proud of their names! People say that I was obsessing a bit over naming Socko, but hey, their like kids! The name of a cat IS what the cat will end up being called all their lives.


I still suck my- thumb...
Purred: Sat Aug 14, '10 3:28pm PST 
I couldn't agree more! Cats' names are SO IMPORTANT!

Coopurr is actually named after CNN's Anderson Cooper. They're both sleek and gray...so it fit. But I changed the spelling of the name because the first night I held him when he was a baby kitten in the shelter, I COOed and he PURRed.

I actually went to see Anderson Cooper a couple of months ago with one of my best girlfriends. And when he took questions from the audience, my friend stoop up and said, "She's going to kill me for telling you this...BUT...her cat..."

And he was SO gracious. First he asked if my cat was an "Anderson" or a "Cooper." And I had to explain to the real Cooper that he spells his last name incorrectly. You know...it's supposed to be Coo-purrr...

And he said that it's not the first time he's heard it, but that he's always flattered when someone names their pet after him! I thought that was sweet.

And ummm...no...I didn't have the heart to tell him that half the reason the cat got his name was because they're both ALL GRAY! MOL!

And Felix, my bridge baby, was actually NOT named after Felix the cat. He was named after Baron Felix Von Gaigern, a character in my favorite Broadway musical, "Grand Hotel." And it was actually ironic, because Felix LOVED showtunes.

I love this thread! Keep it going!
Coop's Mom


The Mighty- Samson
Purred: Sat Aug 14, '10 3:45pm PST 
Mama named me Samson because of my size (big @ 17 lbs) and for my prowess in hunting bugs and spiders. She calls me Sammy and Sweetie as well as Samson, especially SAMSON if I've been naughty.

This is a fun forum -- let's keep it going!

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Sat Aug 14, '10 5:55pm PST 
This is Delyte. I was named after the former president of Southern Illinois University, Delyte W. Morris, because I was found in the parking lot of the library building named for him. My person couldn't name me Morris, because the name was already too common and anyway I am not a red tabby. The W stands for "Wesley"--uggh. And I was a delightful kitten, so I became Delyte. I am rather grumpy now, but since the original person died at a fairly young age, and I am an old geezer, I don't feel like I have to stick to the name any more! big grin

Stella was named because she had a star-shaped marking on her tummy. Actually it looks like an asterizk * but what kind of name is that for a cat?! Since she got older and fluffier, you can't really see the marking clearly any more. But she is always in trouble and our person is always yelling "Stella!" at her!

Queenie it is obvious, because of her imperious and stand-offish personality.

Fluff was hard to do and his name does not fit him any more, but he answers to it so it will have to stay. He was a fluffy kitten but he grew up to have very thin flat fur. He should have been named Klutz or Gigantor or something referring to his huge size, or Scaredy Cat. We figure he is insecure enough not to be insulted by his name all the time.

Our person previously named cats after children's names that she liked. When she was a child all the cats had to have typical cat names like Mittens or Fluffy, so she wanted to break out of the mold.


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Sun Aug 15, '10 5:55am PST 
Hallo, Socko and kitties.....

I am Tambolina......my linguistic heritage goes back almost 25 years......first my pawrents had a little male black cat called 'Rambo'...alas, Rambo died at a year old, of a cancer that he had been born with.....then they got 'Mambo', a beautiful little female black cat, who lived a wonderful pussycat life (had her babies, spent most of her days outside, doing what cats have to do, and died, gently, at the good age of 18)...they then got me, Tambolina......I was born on the day Mambo died and I am now 5 years old.......

My name echoes back through time.....I like that.....



I am DEFINITELY- the big cheese- now......
Purred: Sun Aug 15, '10 6:19am PST 
Hi, Hallo.....!!

I am Colin (Tambolina's sibling), otherwise known as 'The Greatest Wobble in The World'.......

First of all, I would like to say that I think 'Delyte' is a WONDERFUL name for a kittie......dear Delyte....my Meouwmy loves you very much and wishes you well.......

But me...!!!! I am known as COLIN.....BUT in my heart I am Cuchulain the Mighty......

Let me explain.....my pawrents got a little, tiny (but very beautiful) pedigree British Shorthair kitten.....they called him 'Lionel Rees-Mogg'....he was like a little blue flower...so fragile and so delicate...after a week they had to have him put to sleep...he had two terminal illnesses that could have been communicable to the meouwmy's other cats.....(this my meouwmy has told me).....then they got ME....!!! I too am a British Blue Shorthair....my pawrents wanted me to grow BIG and STRONG and HEROIC.....so they named me CUCHULAIN (an Irish Warrior-Hero)......but they found out that, in Irish, my name is pronounced 'Coo-hulan'...which, very soon, became COLIN.......

So....here I am....Colin the Cat - 'The Greatest Wobble in the World'......OOOOhhhhhh but in my heart.....in my heart......I am Cuchulain the Mighty Hero........

Please tell us more of your names and why......it is very interesting........

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