Help my mommy!

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Julius- Caesar

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Purred: Sat Aug 7, '10 5:26am PST 
About 3 months ago my mommy had a friend from NY stay with us for the weekend. She slept in my mommys bed and mommy slept on the couch. I sprayed mommys friends clothes for the first time in my life. Mommys friend got angry.

Ever since then I stopped sleeping in the bed with mommy. Now I stay in the living room all night long. But, when mommy first goes to her room to go to sleep, I let out big howls and cries that sound like I'm in pain. I do this every night.

Can someone explain to mommy why I do this?

Mommy has had me for 7 years. I'm a ferral cat that she saved from the arms of animal control and sudden death. Mommy knows I guard our house and I don't like strangers. But why did I lose the urge to sleep with her? Why do I cry when she goes to bed?

Humphrey- Mjaus

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Purred: Sat Aug 7, '10 6:56am PST 
If you'r not neutured, this would be the reason. But if you are, it might be some territorial stuf, does you live with more cats? Maybe it is some un-neutured cat's around you.

If you only sprayed this one time, it is no need for you to be looked up in the living room by yourself all night, you'r mum's friend, might had cats (other animals) herself that you smelled from her clothes and sprayed to mark your teritory kitty

Miss Puff

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Purred: Sat Aug 7, '10 2:14pm PST 
He sounds to me like he is mad and there may still be scent of the other person in your room. If you have not tried this yet, get some Nature's Miracle and spray it around your place and wash everything that can be washed beforehand. The N.M. is not made to be sprayed, but imo you should put some in a spray bottle and do so anyways. It is a live, emulsifying enzyme that eats, not hides smells and stains.
Or you can try using a calming collar or the Feliway.
There is also this:
http://healing.about.com/od/floweressences/a/rescue-remedy.ht m
Try and hold or be close to him while he is out of the bedroom and take him in there afterward. Give him treats and feed him in there and see if that helps. But he defiantly does sound upset.
Good Luck and please keep us informs as to how he does. And if any of this helps.
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Julius- Caesar

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Thank you for your response I will give that a try. He is neutered and my girl cat is spayed. I'm gonna get some of that natures miracle stuff today!

Miss Puff

carma works,- wish I never- chaced Meow
Purred: Sun Aug 8, '10 11:58pm PST 
Excellent, and if it does not work,
save the receipt and you should be able to take it back.
Please let us all know how it does for you.


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Your mommy should just carry you to bed. Most of the time, at least 1-2 or us just follow mommy up to bed when she goes, but when we look like we're going to be lazy and stay downstairs, mommy and daddy just carry us up to bed. We might get out of bed and wander around, and sometimes we have all night nocturnal kitty parties, but mostly we stay near or on the bed to be near mommy and daddy. Sometimes we just need a lift up the stairs, or really we are still babies in relationship to our parents and like to be carried even though we are big kitties now.