Sophie had 3 kitties on Tues, now acting like she's in labor again

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My cat Sophie had her first litter of 3 on Tues July 6, and this morning she started acting strangely. She is exhibiting all the signs that she did right before she went into labor. She is meowing a lot, running thru the house, acting anxious. Her belly is still a little big but I haven't seen any movement. I know some cats may stop labor for 12 to 48 hours but this has been almost 96 hours. Has anyone ever seen this?

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I wouldn't wait any longer- take her to the vet right away so they can see what's going on and help her.

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Hi Sophie, Yes I agree strongly take her to the vet right away, something similar happened to Edwin, she did have one litter and she gave bith to two kittens. I thought that was all she was going to have, and then 2 days later she was acting strange I knew something was wrong, the sack of the third kitten came out but the kitten didn't and on the way to the vet she had given birth to the third one.Thankfully Edwin and the kittens were all fine.
Please let us know how everything turns out.

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Sophie ended up acting normal again after a few hours. Maybe it's just her hormones going back to pre-pregnancy status. She woke me up at 5am this morning to play! So I guess she's going to ok


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Hmm.. Did the placenta come out with the kittens? If not , maybe the non movement could be due to it still being in her? It is also possible that she has a dead kitten inside her that her body has yet to get out. But these just my opinion. If it is that bad , and if nothing has happened or came out yet , then a vet visit would be a good idea .


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Chibi took three days to have seven kittens, three of which, unfortunately, died. I took her to the vet before she gave birth to get an ultrasound so I'd have an idea of how many kittens there were. The vet wasn't sure whether it was six or seven, but when only four came out the first time (and two were stillborn), off we went to the vet again. A dead fetus or a placenta can remain in the uterus and cause infection or death. To be sure, take Kitty to the vet.

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Yes Not to alarm but you need to have Sophie checked. My Girl Pee had a stillborn with the cord wrapped around her and needed attention. She was with me for many more years because she had medical attention. Best wishes for the kittens!

Lucy (- BooBoo)

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please have her checked by vet. My Mathilde was pregnant with 5 or 6 and she only gave birth to 2 and was unable to expel the others. i called a vet and he said a cat can be in labor for at least 24 hours so I waited. after 24 hours she had to go in for a cesarian and they removed the rest of the babes.(all stillborn)she came through the surgery fine however 4 days later she died...it was so sad... another vet told me that it takes about an hour for a cat to give birth for each kitten and after 1 hour if cat is still pregnant they should see a vet immediately. I lost my beautiful mathilde by waiting...


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if your able, take her to the vet to be checked. im assuming your planning on getting her fixed after the kittens are weaned? how are the kittens doing?