My cat started biting me a week AFTER getting neutered! Please Help

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My 8 month old male cat was neutered about 3 weeks ago, and 2 weeks ago he started to get more "feisty" and bitey. He stares at my hand like it's a predator and "attacks" it. It could be playful, but it hurts and it's ANNOYING. I've tried diciplining him by putting him in another room for 5 minutes WHILE he is in the process of biting me, but that doesn't seem to help at all. Right after he gets out of his "time out" he'll lunge for my leg or for my hand if I'm bent over.

When he was about 3-4 months old he was a little violent too, but then at 5 months he calmed down dramatically. We got him neutered at 8 months and out of nowhere he's been acting out.

Please don't write something silly like he's "angry" at us for cutting off his balls. This is getting serious.

If this matters, he's a purebred Siberian.


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I'm sure you have tried this, but just in case - instead of diciplining him, have you tried just ignoring him when he attacks? Just remove your hand, walk away, etc? Pay him NO attention. the other thing that worked for Benjamin (a big biter) was positive praise. If he went to a toy instead, I would praise him. if he stopped the bad behavior, i would praise him. Now, when he does something he shouldn't, I tell him 'NO', and the second he disengages whatever the behavior is, I heap praise on him. Might be worth a shot?

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We agree with Benjamin. Walk away and ignore him and he will get the message that this is not acceptable.

And we agree, he is not "angry" at you for having him neutered. The biting is just a kitten method of play, it is just that we don't have fur to cushion a bite.

Good Luck
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P.S. Beck is one cute kitten!!!


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Thanks for the advice, I'll try ignoring and praising right away. I hope that helps! He really calmed down a few months ago and was purrfect, but then after he got neutered he seems to be more feisty.

btw any reason he's feistier *after* being neutered? Or is it just some strange coincidence?

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It may just be "kitty friskies". That is why when I was ready to adopt more cats after loosing four in Hurrincane Katrina, the first ones I adopted were a brother and sisters (Emma and Louis). They kept each other companyw when I was at work, and played with each other all the time. Any chance of adding another kitten to your family??

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Eight months old sounds like typical "kitten is about to become a puma" stage...so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if that was it! Don't discipline...it's a kitten not a dog. They rule us! But getting a little companion is a good idea, or building a box castle filled with toys and lost of interactive holes works pretty good too.

On the flipside of things, I NEVER ONCE scratched or bit my Mommy when I was a kitten. But after I was altered at about a year old I no longer have any issues with getting very feisty and rough with Mommy's hands, and often draw blood. Granted, since my accident my claws don't retract all the way so sometimes I scratch on accident when I'm trying to get her attention, but on a daily basis I'll play really rough and Mom usually yells "OW" and has to go get hydrogen peroxide.