No more ease in getting your messages?????

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Lady Marian,- Kisser

kiss- me
Purred: Tue Jun 22, '10 2:53pm PST 
Receiving emails from Dogster/Catster has always been easy..you select 1 of the 3 formats, they even graciously provide us an alert due to some groups having large activities.

"Warning: Some groups send a lot of messages. You can choose to have these sent to your email inbox or to a special Dogster [Catster] Group Mail folder, or you can reduce the chance of clutter by reading messages on your Group’s page.
This group has sent --- message in the past week.

How would you like us to handle Group messages?"

*My Private Messaging

*I'll read message in my group pages

*Send to my email

Many I am sure opt to have their alerts sent to their emails. Here they can have the ease to READ, what someone has written and then have the OPTION to either discard, or to pop into the group and make their comment. Is our OPTION now being taken away?

Now,it seems a change is in the air..all we get is the group sending the alert and who is making a comment,BUT NO MESSAGES...forcing us to pop into the groups. WHERE ARE OUR MESSAGES?
Many of us belong to many groups and many of those group have a lot of chatter..some-just one liners...
Are we forced to select which groups we shall visit,alter the groups messaging preference or drop them all together just because this seems to be a new thing given to us?
This has been going on since Friday the 19th with no mention that DOGSTER/CATSTER is trying to fix the situation, in fact..there has been no mention of this at all, but many groups and members have made a chatter about it....Hmmmmshrugthinking

♥- Cheyenne- ♥

With an Angel at- my side
Purred: Sun Jun 27, '10 10:07am PST 
so you had corrected this issue and now we have another?

Changing images on our pages is now a hassle..what gives? when you try to do so you get an error message like this

"Your request cannot be completed.
Meow meow! Well this is cat-crazy unusual. For some reason you are trying to access a cat that is not yours. Did you edit the URL? Use the back button to return to your last correct page.

If you are seeing this error for a cat that is yours, please email us and we will help you out. We have recorded this event for use back at The Cat House."

The image does change,but you fade to a blank page... you need to refresh your page, just how many more glitches do we need to go through?