It's REALLY Hot Here

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Purred: Mon Jun 21, '10 11:06am PST 
Well, OK, comparatively speaking, for our area of WV mid 80s is hot. And, I have on a HEAVY fur coat. I just don't feel like doing much of anything other than laying around (and NOT in the sun). Mom's so concerned she keeps bugging me to make sure I'm still alive. Sheese!!
Oh, we do NOT have air conditioning in the house.

Any suggestions for keeping a long-hair Maine Coon kitty cool in the summer heat??

PS: my screen porch gets all the afternoon sun, so it is NOT my favorite place after about 2:00 p.m.

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Purred: Mon Jun 21, '10 11:39am PST 
This is Delyte. We are stuck under the same stationery front as you are, and it's been in the upper 90s lately with high humidity. We are lucky, we have AC, and the house is all closed up with heavy curtains to keep the sun out. Our person remembers when she lived without AC and her kitties suffered, and they did not have long fur. A fan helps a lot, even though kitties don't usually like fans. She remembers seeing a kitty go and flop in front of one of those moving fans like it was a lifeline! A cool dark place is best, tile floors are great, and some cats like to go and lay in bathtubs or sinks. [The new-fangled plastic or fiberglass ones are not as cool as the old ceramic coated metal ones.] Some cats will tolerate having cool water sprayed or poured over them and they go lay on the cool tile. You need to drink lots of water and maybe do not eat your meals during the hottest part of the day. Some people routinely get their longhairs clipped in the summer, and you might consider that. If you go outside, you can't get clipped too short or you might get sunburned.

Wish we could send you some cool air or an AC! Our male person sells ACs and we always have some around, but I think it's a long drive. If your person can get one of those small window ACs for the bedroom, then you will have a place to get away from the heat.


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Purred: Mon Jun 21, '10 2:19pm PST 
hey I got an idea! Have you heard about the things called The Chillow - I think that is what they are called. It is basically a plastic bag filled with gel, and you chill it & slip it into a pillowcase for those that like a cool pillow to sleep. I wonder if that might help provide a cool place for a toasty kitty to sleep? It is better than using something frozen. I think I saw them at Kohls, but I am sure you could find it online. Just a thought! keep it cool kittycat!!


Purred: Mon Jun 21, '10 3:24pm PST 
Thanks Tigger and Delyte for your responses and help.dancing Dad took me to our basement today (outside entrance). It is really cool down there and I laid on the cement floor for a while, but....I think there's been slitherly, crawly things down there and I was afraid (dad can tell these things), so I went back upstairs. I'm laying on my screen porch table now with the twisty-turny fan blowing on me, not on me, on me, not on me, you know the kind of fan I mean????

I like the chillow idea, but I'll bet mom would take it from me!!! It is supposed to be this way all this week. A fella could lose some weight this way!!! big laugh


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Purred: Mon Jun 21, '10 3:26pm PST 
I don't have AC either, mol, just can't afford even the small window one right now. shrug

So in the very early morn, before it gets hot, I close all the doors, windows, altho I do crack, the window, close all the curtains, etc, so the sun can't get in, thats what makes it hot inside. The house is a little cooler, and I put fans in all the rooms, and it blows the cool air around, so its almost like having an AC. big grin

When it cools off at night, I then put the fans in the windows, and it sucks in the cooler air. way to go

Those big windows, in your picture, are just beautiful, and I'll bet are beautiful to look out of in the fall, at al the pretty colors, but in the summer, its just letting in all that hot sun, ya gotta find a way, weather it be window shades, blinds, or curtains, to block that sun. thinking

Mine are LH MC too, they "cannot" be shaved, the judges would faint if I put them in the ring like that, mol.
Doing what I told you, plus making sure they have several bowls of cold fresh water thru out the house, they are fine, and do not pant of act overheated. applause

Meant to ask you, how goes it with that "scarey" rug and the bears? wavewavewavewavewavewavewavewave


Purred: Tue Jun 22, '10 5:06pm PST 
Hi Bumpurr! wave Thanks for the response. Another hot day here. right now I am laying on my table on the screen porch and mom has the "twisty-turny" fan on. I can feel it a little but don't like it blowing on me. I'm eating OK, just not during the heat of the day. My raw food doesn't really appeal right now, so mom is mixing it with some tuna & egg friskies canned that I like pretty well. She mixes the raw chunks with the canned and adds some cold filtered water. I went outside for a little while and laid on the cool garage floor. I like that. But I was panting when I came down the hill to the garage. Dad gets more worried than mom does. shock

I would be SOOOOOO embarrassed if mom REALLY thought about shaving me!!eek

Thanks again for all your help and advice!!

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Purred: Tue Jun 22, '10 5:13pm PST 
This is Delyte. Something cheaper than the Chillow would be one of those blue ice things that they make for coolers. Our person has a big soft one that she got when she had surgery, and you could wrap it in a terry towel and lay on that. But she has noticed that none of us kitties like the cold pad and if they accidentally step on it, jump away from it. Cats don't seem to like cold things, and are attracted to warm spots. At least until it gets as hot as it is now ... Try and get the cheapest one of those blue ice things and a towel and see if you like it, then you can spend some $$$ on a bigger one for you and for your mom.

How do you feel about water? Some cats like to wade around in shallow water when it is hot like this, and if you do they could set up a dishpan for you or partially fill a sink? Our person remembers when she was a child and it was hot, they would put the kitty in the bath tub with about an inch of water and then gently pour glasses of water on her torso, keeping away from her face, and she liked it for a while.

They are saying that the front will break slightly here on Thursday night, so maybe by Saturday for you? But it will still be in the 90s here afterwards, just the low 90s instead of 99 as it was today. Our person saw one of those lighted thermometer signs today that said 108!! shock

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Purred: Tue Jun 22, '10 7:00pm PST 
Hi, Well I was exactly like you last Summer and my mommy kept on poking at me too, so this summer she bought an a/c and boy what a relief. Have you ever heard of a purr pad, they really work great it keeps kittis warm in the winter and cool in the summer and they last along time. You will notice that they can be alot of hair and dander but you just peel off what the cat leaves on the pad, I am only on my second one in over a year. I bought mine a pet smart and you get two in the box.
Let us know when you have a solution to this.
purrrs from Edwin

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Purred: Tue Jun 22, '10 7:22pm PST 
Here is a website for cooling dog beds:
http://dog-care.suite101.com/article.cfm/thermo_regulating_be ds_or_cooling_dog_mats
Fortunately, we have A/C, but if we didn't, Mom would probably get the dog bed for herself! laugh out loudTemperatures are in the upper 90's here, too.

Bumpurr, when my family lived in Chicago and didn't yet have A/C, they had a window fan for use at night when it was cooler. Instead of having the fan pull the air into the room, used the reverse setting to have the fan pull the air from inside to the outside. Open up all the other windows and the one window fan would pull the cooler air from outside and through the apartment. way to go

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Purred: Wed Jun 23, '10 7:47am PST 
You can also try putting a bowl of iced water or plastic bottles of frozen water in front of the fan for an extra cooling effect.

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