Sticks her nose up to canned!

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Purred: Sun Jun 6, '10 5:50pm PST 
Hello! Koi is about 2 years old. I have had her on premium dry AND wet food since she was a kitten. Blue wilderness wet and dry, Fromm wet and dry and NUMEROUS other canned goodies. Merrick, Evangers, BG, Fancy Feast appetizers, Feline Holistic Select, GO!, Wellness...now she doesn't like ANY of them. I have tried different textures. Pate, ground, chunks and shredded. You name it, she has tried it. I have tried putting a little on her dry but she just eats around the wet. I would try raw but she doesn't touch any human food. I know canned is better but she doesn't like it. Is this a lost cause? is there a different route I should be taking? Any advice will help! Thanks in advanced!

Abbie- McFlooferson

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Purred: Sun Jun 6, '10 7:33pm PST 
Try warming it up, or adding a little warm water to it and mixing it up. I had a little one who didn't like canned, and this enticed her. I now add water to all of my cats' canned food and they love it!

As for not liking raw, it's not like human food - unless you're eating something you're not telling us about!! - because it's not cooked, so she might just like it. Some cats really don't like raw, though. I'm planning on starting my 4 on it, soon. Hopefully they like it!


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Purred: Mon Jun 7, '10 3:31am PST 
Koi, have you read catinfo.org yet? The site has many tips for transitioning cats from kibble to canned. I don't know if you leave the kibble out at all times for her, but I want to point out that if you do she will have no incentive to try whatever canned you offer her because she won't be hungry.

Other tricks to try: warming it up so that it has a stronger odor (as Abbie said), pouring some liquid from canned tuna in water into it, sprinkling some parmasan cheese on top of it, crushing some cat treats on top of it (many people have had success with Halo Live-A-Little freeze dried chicken).




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There's a whole section on transitioning a kibble addict in catinfo.org. The big deal is patience. I transitioned Padfoot who took quite a while.
Yes, you are right the one thing you cannot do is let the cat "starve" as the liver shuts down. But catinfo has many helpful tips.