Fancy Feast appetizers

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I'm a Mommy!
Purred: Wed Jun 2, '10 10:37am PST 
I heard on a commerical that this food was free of by products and fillers. Is it decent? I'm wondering because I have 3 cats to feed and 2 fosters on top of that... and I'm trying to find a decent (but inexpensive) cat food to feed them... More for health reasons ... like problems later.. I want to give them wet food to help with organ issues and keep them from the possible pet food recall.. we havent had a recall in a while.. so im guessing one should happen soon... mol!

Any advise? I was thinking Chicken Soup (if i can find it for cats) but i hear it has lots of veggies in it and not a lot of meat. Tho i dont think that would hurt them. Any ideas?


The Evil One
Purred: Wed Jun 2, '10 1:20pm PST 
Yes they do look yummy and ingredients are good but not properly balanced as a meal. More of a topper or a snack.
Skipjack tuna, water, xanthan gum, guar gum, sodium nitrite (to maintain color). thats the ingredients of the tuna one.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Wed Jun 2, '10 1:23pm PST 
Fancy Feast Appetizers are not nutritionally complete. They do not contain any vitamins or minerals. The label even has a tiny disclaimer saying that the food is only intended to be a supplement to dry food., not as a meal on its own: Fancy Feast Appetizers are intended for supplemental feeding only. This product may be fed daily along with a complete and balanced cat food diet

Feed this as a snack/treat, not as your daily meal.

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Purred: Thu Jun 3, '10 1:29am PST 
Like others have said, they are fine ingredient-wise (imo) but they are not designed to be a complete food. They really are just snacks.

Also, they are incredibly expensive! I think I just paid $1.29 per pouch, and they are tiny portions.

For the price, my favorite wet food is Chicken Soup. Natural Balance is more expensive than it used to be, but I like it too. If you buy 6 oz sizes, it will be even more affordable.


I'm a Mommy!
Purred: Thu Jun 3, '10 7:15am PST 
Well! That answers that! Thanks guys!