Any help with the consequences of losing a top fang.......

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I am DEFINITELY- the big cheese- now......
Purred: Wed Jun 2, '10 7:48am PST 
Colin lost one of his top fangs......it just came out.....the Vet says the root came out as well so there is no problem with the loss of the tooth....BUT the poor old chap now makes such STRANGE faces (he looks like he is doing an 'Elvis leer' most of the time).......he also has a sore place where the bottom fang drives up into his upper lip.......

He is probably not in pain, as such, but it MUST be very uncomfortable and I feel SO SORRY for him.........

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO......the only possibility I can see is to have his lower fang taken out.....but that seems REALLY dire........

Has anyone any other ideas?

ps....It's ME she's talking about......!!!!! (I am Cuchulain the Mighty)



I am DEFINITELY- the big cheese- now......
Purred: Wed Jun 2, '10 7:54am PST 
ps....it makes me dribble too and my poor little chin is always a bit wet and soggy now......

Any thoughts?

Colin (Cuchulain the Mighty)

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Wed Jun 2, '10 8:41am PST 
This is Delyte. I lost my top fang too, about two months ago. The dentist said my teeth are in bad shape and they want to go in there and clean some and pull some more. I hardly have any teeth left as it is, and when you are a black cat, your fangs show more prominently. But I haven't noticed any other side effects, no dribbling or anything. Maybe it just takes a while to get used to? How are all your other teeth? Plaque buildup and actual tooth infection can make you drool, too. And I know your people don't need any more problems right now, and getting dental work done on cats is expensive and can be hard on the cat. [Our person had a sweet old doggie who died from the aftereffects of the anesthesia.]

It is very humiliating when you are trying to be the imposing top cat, and you don't have all of your fangs, isn't it? And you with such an important position and your reputation with the ladies to consider. Age is flooring everyone in our household, except maybe for these brat kittens who are only 4 and 2.

Perhaps we should start a group for the defanged and discuss ways of impressing the others without using our fangs and the big snarl? What's an old guy to do?! Giant purrs to you from this old guy! wave


Do I smell- treats??
Purred: Wed Jun 2, '10 4:17pm PST 
Isabelle is missing a top fang, and both lowers! The top one was gone when I got her and I never noticed any issues. She does do the Elvis lip though! laugh out loud Her lowers cause her lower lip to fold in a little, but it's just stinkin' cute, doesn't create any problems. big grin

The only thing I did notice as more and more of her teeth broke/had to be removed is that its hard for her to pick up food like small treats and some wet food. But we work around it. way to go

Cleopatra- 8/4/96-7/18/- 13

Cleopatra~Queen- of de Nile
Purred: Sun Jun 6, '10 8:44pm PST 
I lost both of my top fangs because of my bad teeth.frown The vet had to pull them because they are causing infection. I do funny things with my mouth too sometimes, but my mouth does feel so much better!

Angels Amber- and Coco

Purred: Mon Jun 7, '10 5:44am PST 
Oh My! Kit will be fine. I had no teeth left at a pretty young cat age(over 12 I think). I insisted on wet because of this but no other ills and I had a good cat life. Purrs.kitty

Inky Angel- Dreamboat- #42b

See if you can- pet me? Reach!- Farther!
Purred: Mon Jun 7, '10 5:47am PST 
Well well Coco... Youngin's... Anyway, I had my teeth up until I was about 19. Before that I had a few just drop out along the way and Pop would worry but I just kept on trucking. Oh and I INSISTED on Dry food. Gee why would anybody eat wet yucky... Purr...

Gumpy Sweet- Boy

Love wrapped in- fur
Purred: Mon Jun 7, '10 7:05am PST 
Hi Brother Colin,
You'll be fine, brother! I only have one top fang and those tiny teeth in front left. I lost mine a couple of years ago. And life is good, though sometimes I'm frustrated that I can't chew grass as well. I still like to chomp on mom with my one fang in morning to wake her up (ouch!) I eat only wet food since I became diabetic. You'll get used to it and adjust big grin

P.S. And I had serious tartar and gum problems eating dry food - it does nothing for dental health!

.....I am still cool in my tuxedo with one fang wink


Purred: Mon Jun 7, '10 5:00pm PST 
My Roxy led a hard street life before she found us so she ended up losing most of her teeth...they just started disappearing. She only had a few left near the end (she lived to 19) but she still was able to eat dry food; and, of course, wet.

Never saw any ill effect. She didn't seem to mind. Just funny lip every now and again.


Purred: Tue Jun 8, '10 1:14pm PST 
I only have one top fang too. Meowmy found me laying in the road after being hit by a car, my leg was broken and my top fang broken off and jagged. The vet pulled the tooth and fixed my leg, I have absolutely no problems and like some of the others, I've got that Elvis sneer down pretty good!wink

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