My cat can somehow take collars and harnesses off... Is all hope lost?

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Purred: Fri May 14, '10 1:01pm PST 
My six-year-old cat has never worn a collar until 2-3 years ago. The problem is, she simply pulled them off! We got her a harness, she took that off to.
Is it too late for her to adjust to such "nasty" things?


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You might try a walking jacket?
This is what they look like:

They also make velcro attached harnesses (though I have yet to find anyone who sells them).

I have never bought anything from these guys. It's not the standard drs foster smith thing.


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Why does she need to wear a collar? I never put collars on mine, they are way too dangerous for kitties, even with elastic parts they can get caught on furniture when the kitty jumps. I heard of one cat found dead with it's collar looped round the door handle. Its not necessary when you can microchip anyway. Let her go without the collar.


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I would leave the collars off, unless you walk your cat outside or on trips in the car. Loverboy constantly takes his collar off by somehow popping the latch on it, so I just left it off. He seems to be happier without it.


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How big is your cat? When I have to wear a collar, it's a kitten one because I'm full grown and just 7 pounds. There should only be enough room to fit your mom's pointer and middle finger. If it comes off really easy, maybe get a buckle one rather than a breakaway?

But as everyone else said in the thread, indoor kitties don't need one as much as the ones that go outside. I only where one when I need a cone or if I have to go somewhere new or travel.

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It might be possible to get your cat used to a collar. I'd suggest trying a Beastie Band type of collar if you haven't already.
My cats are indoor only but they wear collars just in case they ever got out so they would have visible ID. They are also microchipped. If you can't get your cat to wear a collar I would definitely have her microchipped so she has a permanent form of ID...


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Loverboy's collar has a buckle, but somehow during the night he removes it. I just got tired of hunting down his collar and putting it back on him, so I left it off. He tends to get mad at me when I would put it back on, and won't come near me for a few hours. He did the same with a flea collar, only the time period of him being mad at me was longer and it made him itchy.