Can you tell the sex of my kitten just by looking??

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Hello everyone. I have just adopted this little kitty. Right now he is 4 weeks old and will be ready to come home in 4 weeks. I met him, held him and just adore him, but I forgot to actually check the sex of him before I left. I am calling him a him because who I adopted him from is 99% it is a male.

Can anyone tell just by looking at his picture, if they think it is a boy?? He is a smokey black and white, but his black part definitely has a pattern to it in almost a brownish color. His mommy is a persian and daddy is a domestic.

Sorry so long smile Hugs, Christina


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We have to see the other end to tell the sex! laugh out loud
Look under the tail--even at this age, you can tell. If it's two definitely round DOTS, like a colon ( : ) it's a boy. If it's an upside down exclamation point (!) --only upside down--, it's a girl.
But I will tell you one thing; whatever it is, that baby is RIDICULOUSLY cute; I'd like to see more pictures!

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OMC, what a PRECIOUS little kitten!!!!! No wonder you fell in love. BooBoo is right, you have to check the "business end" to determine if the kitten is a boy or girl. Whatever it is, it sure goes off the chart on being cute. We sent the kitten a present and a welcome to CATSTER. Can't wait until he moves in (and we are sure you can't either) and look forward to more photos of Sylvester.

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I tink its gots a wittle "milk moustache" hehehehhehe GOT MILK? laugh out loud


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Nice to meet you Christina. Concats on your new baby. Does he have 2 balls and a peepee? MOL MOL MOL


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Thank you everyone!! It is so nice to be here....

LOL, I know I have to check the other end of him, I guess I should have said by his coloring. I know a kitty with 3 colors is usually a girl.

This little one is white and black, but the black parts have like a brown swirly pattern in them. Hard to explain, but I will get more pictures up of him smile

Thank you again everyone!! Lots of Hugs, Christina


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oh my!! he's so adorable!

He reminds me of Berlioz laugh out loud


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sometimes cats have a tom-cattish look and you can tell its a boy, but at that age he/she is just a poof ball!!!!! no way to tell but he/she is freaken cute.


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...SOO cute "it" brought tears to my eyes. Yes, you should look at his/her privates. When a cat gets a bit older, you can (with experience) tell the difference between a male and female by looking at the cat's face. Also, females tend to be smaller than males. However, some cats are large, some are small, so that is not always a dependable indicator. Orange cats are usually male, and calicos/torties are almost always female. Tuxedo cats could be either. I have a feeling that your kitty is male but I may be wrong. If it makes you feel better, even vets have been known to make mistakes sexing cats. And, by the way, have you been to a vet? If you have been, and the vet couldn't figure out your cutie's sex, find another vet!


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This is PURELY a guess of course, but I think your kitten looks like a little boy!
Seriously cute though, whatever the gender!smile