Runny, Bloody Nose and Severe Congestion

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Samson is a 10-year kitty who never had any health problems before. About two weeks ago he started sneezing and quickly developed severe sinus congestion and a runny nose. He usually has to breathe through his mouth now. Often the mucous from his nose is tinged with blood and he has an actual bloody nose earlier this week.

The vet has given us antibiotics but he's been on them for a week and I've seen no change. He hasn't been eating, though he does still drink water. I 'm not really satisfied with the vet's response, which si little more than "wait and see." Has anyone out there seen this before? I've seen other mentions of cats with "colds" but the blood part freaks me out.

Any reassurance or suggestions would be great.


Princess Leia
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I would do some searches online and maybe seek an opinion from a different vet to see what they say.. I wouldn't be happy with the "wait and see", if it hasen't changed in a week I would be very worried. Have you told the vet that it's still the same? He should do additional examinations. I've had no experience with this so hopefully someone else has and can help you out. I hope everything gets better for your kitty!


the queen
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after a week and nothing has changed, i would consider getting a second opinion from a different vet. if your kitty is not eating, that could be because if your kitty can not smell the food, may not be interested in it. good luck, keep us updated.


aka, Squeeker,- Toeboy or- Perfict Cat
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Definitely call your vet and ask for a different med. The vet that gives shots at the Petco I rep at for Nutro said you can get a nebulizer, check craigslist . With that much congestion nothing at home will get through it and the small particles from the neb can. Here is what I found; http://search.freecause.com/search?p=nebulizer&fr=freecause&ei=utf-8 &ourmark=2&type=59635

Good luck and please seek more help, keep us advised.

Freckles- (1993-2011)

My beautiful old- lady!
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I'd also recommend getting a second opinion if the vet doesn't seem to be addressing your concerns.

Freckles is doing better now but when I got her she had chronic sinus issues. The antibiotic should have started working after a week and if it isn't it probably means the bacteria causing the infection is resistant to the antibiotic that he is on. There are a bunch of different bacteria that can cause sinus infections and different ones can require different antibiotics. e.g. Mycoplasma requires doxycyclin and is not affected by other antibiotics.

See another vet and tell them what you've already used. They may want to do a culture to see what type of bacteria is there but that will take a few days so they may just start you on a second antibitic straight away while they wait for the results.

Samson needs to eat or he could get really sick. He's not eating because he can't smell th efood and the same thing hapened to Freckles. Get the smeliest wet food you can find - something fishy is usually good or canned tuna in water - and add hot water to make a warm soupy mix. You can also try cooking chicken livers as Freckles would eat that even when her sinuses were bad. That should get him to eat and will help him get better sooner. If he still won't eat you can ask the vet for an appetite stimulant. Cyproheptadine is a good one as it is a decongestant that has a side effect as an appetite stimulant in cats so its perfect fo rsinus problems.

Patch, Angel- Dreamboat- #49b

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My elder sister Dufus had recurring sinus problems much as you describe (she survived distemper as a kitten, which the vet said may have predisposed her to this sort of thing).

Amoxicillin and other cat antibiotics stopped working for her. One vet prescribed streptomycin which almost killed her. Then another vet put her on gentomycin, which worked very well. It wasn't a vet med at the time (maybe it is now), so Mom had to get it at a human pharmacy and cut it into tiny pieces.

Definitely get another opinion and a different antibiotic. And the advice about stinky food is good, too! Wish I had some right now.


aka, Squeeker,- Toeboy or- Perfict Cat
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Yes Patch ,gentomycin is what I would suggest! It is the best thing I (Meowma) have even had for my sinus problems too. I just saw a copy of my MRI and my right side is packed still. I never notice it until it gets real bad.