Hazel Lucy's List for Kitties in Need of Purrs

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Boxie Brown- Forever

Boxie B.- with a- goatee!!
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This is Hazel Lucy’s List for Kitties in Need of Purrs. It is updated regularly.
Catsters on this list need serious purrs.
** PMAIL ME TO GET ADDED TO THIS LIST! I will make every attempt to keep my eye on the thread for new kitties that need to be added. To ensure you are added PMAIL ME!
Click Here for help with vet bills. Care Credit is accepted by many vets. The PAWS group has a Larger List of Assistance Orgs.
Our hearts ache for sick animals everywhere.

Sad Updates:
Peekaboo Was lovingly helped across the Rainbow Bridge 3/15.
Hooch - Peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge 3/11 after battling many health conditions.
Blackie Traveled to the Rainbow Bridge 2/27 after a battle with cancer.
Colorado Traveled to the Rainbow Bridge 2/23 after a battle with cancer.

Dexter Age 19 – Has struggled with many ailments over the last several years. Has stage three kidney disease, urrently recovering from URI, right front leg will no longer support his weight.
Sigmund Age 17 - has IBD, pancreatitis, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, osteoarthritis, and had a sub-total colectomy (with the return of megacolon). He's on gabapentin and tramadol to control his pain, among many other medications. He was diagnosed with diabetes July 2012 and gets insulin twice daily. Has an abdominal mass (abscess). It's being treated with antibiotics.
Max Age 18 – Diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. No treatment is available to him.
Alfie Age 8 – Having seizures.
Meiko Age 3 – Ill, is improving with meds for nausea.
Charlie Age 2 – Broke his hip and had hip surgery 1/28, is recovering nicely.
Cariad Age 1 – Has been under the weather lately. One of her kittens, Dylan, has not been eating solid food, despite his litter mates starting two weeks ago on solids.
Gizmo Age 18 – Battling cancer.

Maizy Age 7 – Doing well on Nature’s Balance LID and p r e d n i s o n e.
Zac Age 3 – Suspected dry FIP.
Napoleon- Age 13 – has colitis and hasn’t been eating on his own. Going to vet.
Gentleman Jack Age 10 – Was taken to the vet for a minor cough, his blood sugar was very high and he may have tumor in his lung.
Kringle Age 5 – Has a broken leg, will be in a cast 6 weeks, has e-collar also.
Lulu Age 16 – Is in kidney failure and cannot be given fluids at home.
Avail Age 12 – Had second mammary cancer surgery 9/13, got bandages off and is recovering.
Drifter - Age 10 – Has an ulcer in eye, has medication to put in eye twice a day.
Sweetie Age 1 – Had surgery to remove 5 malignant mammary tumors 4/11. In remission! No new masses detected.
Chelsea Louise Age 12 – sugar is still a bit high and is taking insulin injections twice a day and was doing well, however was recently rushed to the hospital for digestive inflammation.
Blizzard Age 15 - Has good and bad days, has a genetic disorder common among Angoras.
CK Age 1 – Doing very well.
Mango Age 1 – Was rescued from a high kill pound and has survived panleukopenia, and glaucoma. Is completely blind in one eye due to glaucoma and a cataract has developed, has a cataract developing in the other eye. Neurological condition hasn't gotten significantly worse or better since the last exam.
Eowyn Age 1 – slowly seems get better she’s been bit more energetic, but still has stomach issues. She is back to eating full meals finally, bloodwork was fine. Trying to avoid stressful vet trips. .
Fuzz Age 9 – Is in renal failure.
Xena Warrior Princess - Age 14 – Diagnosed with CRF. Getting fluids three times a week, eating well. Echo revealed enlarged parts in heart. Latest checkup shows she is stable.
Mrs. Murphy Age 15 – Has a large mass around her upper intestines and stomach. Is on meds that slow the growth of the mass. Has a great appetite.
Joey Age 10 – Has been in remission for almost three years! Small intestinal wall has thickened. Could mean low grade cancer. Next check in March.
Briana Age 13 – Got a good report back. May have just been constipation.
Abbi Age 17 – Losing weight again. Still not eating or drinking. Blood tests show nothing abnormal.
Hopper Age 13– Had surgery to remove suspected mammary gland cancer 5/8. Biopsy confirms cancer. She may have another lump. It is hard to discern as she healed poorly from the last surgery. It could be scar tissue, although the doctor says cats don't really scar. If it is a lump it is attached and grown into the muscle. She is a poor candidate for surgery. She is a poor candidate for chemo.
George Age 4 months and sister Janet are feral kittens being kept isolated now due to roundworms and earmites.
Claudia Age 5 months – May have herpes virus.
Tiger Age 4 -was pulled today from the Humane Society. His adoptive home neglected their animals. He is not doing well, he is FeLV . Is doing better, but dealing with URI and blood disorders.
Mondia Age 3 – Recent move has been stressful.
Biggles Age 13 – Has pancreatitis and an underlying heart condition was also discovered, also has diabetes. Pancreatitis is under control, had some difficulty getting the right insulin dose, but numbers have been good lately.
Samsara Age 13 -Early stages of CRF. Still doing fairly well, started Rx diet. Will look into meds when CRE levels become elevated.
Murray Age 11 – Had salivary gland cancer removed. Had yearly check up with xrays that show no return of cancer. Goes every four months for check ups.
Greyson - Age 7 - Low white blood cell count. Bone marrow cancer is possibility.
Pharaoh Loki Age 5 – All blood cultures done and no idea what caused the fever. Has not had a high fever again, just a few spikes. Has lost a pound and a half and is on special wet food.
Smokie Age 6– Needs a dental, has lost some weight.
Sadie Sue Has HCM is stable on Atenolol, was recently diagnosed with bilateral nasopharyngeal polyps, will consult with a surgeon, surgery will be difficult with the HCM.
Pocono Age 7 – Has a nasal tumor, very ill. Cannot afford further testing to determine the type of tumor. Is currently on medication to slow tumor growth.
Norman Age 10 – Was doing better, but has had a total relapse. Went back on meds, and started to do better, is doing worse again. Has Chronic and Ongoing Lymphocytic Cholangiohepatitis with Bridging Fibrosis and Bile Duct-Hyperplasia, accompanied by Irritable Bowel Disease. His prognosis is Very Guarded.
Tigger - Age 2 – Has HCM. Good news, lump in area where shot was given has gone away.
Kaya Skye - Age 3 – Has lost four pounds, is chronically dehydrated, anemic and tachycardic. Was exposed to a toxin. Is a self taught seizure alert cat.
Delyte Age 15 – Has arthritis, and hyperthyroid. Kidney values are good. Prescribed an anti-inflammatory and Dasuquin.
Mojo Age 11 – Has pancreatitis.
Shelly Age 4 – Latest x-rays are good! She is feeling much better, is a bit constipated.
Yetti Age 19 – Had bone tumor in left front leg , leg was amputated. Tumor was encased in the leg bone and was able to be successfully all removed, it was sent out for biopsy.
Chiquitita Age 15 – Had a cuterabra removed, which left her with brain damage and FHS. She remains seizure free! Recently had a lump biopsied for vaccine related sarcoma – turned out just to be a fatty tumor!
Miranda Age 4 months – Found on side of road Jan 1st, had been shot , and buck shot had shattered her front legs. Can no longer wear splints, but cannot walk yet either. Consulting with a s p e c i a l i s t and being cared for by a loving family.
Orange Ruffy Age 5 – Has bad case of ringworm and had to be shaved. Has bacterial infection from so much scratching!
Ferdie-Age 15 – Had surgery that removed one very enlarged lobe of her thyroid. No more pills! Doing well after surgery.
Natalie the NatCat- Age 16- Had a mammary tumor that was successfully removed. Has not needed appetite stimulant and vet says she is looking good, still getting SubQ fluids.
Sweets - Age 7 –Had femur removed, biopsy results were negative. Results showed: Degenerative Arthrosis of the Tiblotarsal joint and Osteopenia with subchrondal synovial cyst on the Distal femur . Released from vet care and has free reign of the house again.
Angel - Age 2 – Had dental surgery to correct teeth that grew in improperly as she was a malnourished kitten.
Azurine Ambrosia Age 7 – Has CRF.
Miss tiny Burr Burr Age 5 – Has megacolon, has been –re-hospitalized.
Hobie Age 3 – Has severe allergies, a massive kidney infection and may have Cushing’s Disease.
Speedy Age 6 – Has a tumor on her eye, which is looking much better these days, is also disabled due to bone and joint problems.
Maus Age 7 – Feeling better after an enema and bath.
Roo Age 10- Has asthma and diabetes, weak and throwing up is now hospitalized.
Skeeter Age 3 – Home from the hospital and feeling better after beating a blocked urinary tract.
Brutus Age 2 – Is not eating well and having runny stools, had a colonoscopy with no results, on steroids.
Kaci Sunshine - Age 16 – Has CRF & hyper-T. Was doing well this summer, but has taken a recent turn. She may have an infection under her skin causing dehydration and loss of appetite and low white cell count and anemia. Is on an antibiotic and an appetite stimulant.
Kathy - Age 1 – Had exploratory surgery for polyps, it went well, no polyps discovered. Has been sneezing since July, will have more tests to find the cause.
Ember -Age 3 – Has cardiomyopathy. Is stable on meds.
Kathy Age 1 – Has chronic infection, but is being managed.
Pounce- Age 12 – Has not been feeling well lately, vomiting a lot, several vet visits recently. Has enlarged and thickened heart taking up 50% of her chest cavity. Swollen jaw and throat of unknown origin.
Harley Age 10 – Had surgery to have eye removed. They eye will be biopsied in order to test for cancer. Is back at home and eating.
Checkers Age 5 – Low appetite & fever. Went to vet and received check up, shot and fluids. Will follow up with antibiotics.
Meatball Age 7 – Surgery to remove cancerous lesions from the left side of her face, was successful and so far no reoccurrence .
Sweatpea Age 1 – Taking p r e d n i s o n e every day, heart and lungs sounded good at regular check up, will see s p e c i a l i s t soon.
GleekAge 6 –Hasn’t had seizures in awhile, has good days when he is not wobbly, and other days where he is wobbly and loopy, partly from medication and partly from FIV neurological problems.
Collette Sidonie-Samantha Age 6 – Has IBD. A flare up of her condition (lymphocytic colitis/plasmatic enteritis--inflammation in both the colon and the intestines due to an overactive immune system) is causing a lot of blood in her poops. Is being treated with a combination of anti-diarrheal antiobiotics and steroids. Since the steroids suppress the immune system, it gives her feline rhinotracheitis a chance to surface, and she is sneezing like crazy.
LukeAge 6 – Has chylothorax, did not opt to have surgery and is being treated with holistic medicine. Doing well. Will have to have lungs drained again.
Morgan the Pirate Gato Age 5 – Has diabetes, is holding steady.
TT Age 3 – Has mild asthma; has had two recent attacks. Both her and her sister had a recent illness that was remedied with antibiotics and fluids.
Tigger Age 10 – Diabetic. Now vomiting, peeing and drinking excessively.
Attila The Hun Age 2 – Was hit by a car after being chased by a cougar! Still has not had the surgery he needs, but is doing very well.
Lucca - Age 8 - having surgery on Tuesday, February 23rd to clean and drain an infection.
Leigh - Age 1 - numerous injuries. Recovering at home and vision is improving.
Hemingway - Age 9 – had a urinary blockage. Doing better on a special diet and low stress. Mom also keeps drinking fountain super full to encourage drinking.
Pigeon - Age 4 - has a cleft soft palate which causes a host of problems as well as upper respiratory illness and herpes virus.
Princess Inky - Age 18 – Is diabetic, sugar is much better at 210. She had anal glands cleared and toenails trimmed.
Senna - Age 17 – Had one radiocat treatment for hyper thyroid. Has gained back one whole pound and fur is looking better. Thyroid level went from 4.2 to 1.0!
Smith - Age 3 - Congestive Heart Failure, new to Catster.
Hailey - Age 8– No more recent seizures, still struggling to get them completely under control. Had dental surgery and three teeth were removed. Taking pain meds and antibiotics. Still has low appetite and thirst and may be dehydrated.
Zuzu - Age 5 – CRF, still getting fluids and medications.
Mojo - Age 4- weight loss, vomiting with seizure-like appearance, going to vet. Had a cancerous lump removed a year ago, worried.
Cleo (The Queen) - Age 8- Thyroid is still doing okay with transdermal meds.
Pietro - Age 2 - pneumonia and yeasty ears, now eating and the medicine is helping.
Odie - Age 2 - had surgery to try and help a fatal condition, portosystemic shunt however anesthesia proved nearly fatal and surgery couldn’t correct problem. Being managed with medication and hanging in there.
Sam - Age 15 – Has hyperthyroidism. His mom is scared of the cost of meds and frequent bloodwork.
Skye - Age 9 – still no diagnosis on itchy blue bumps on ears. Still happy, playing and cuddling and eating treats.
Nikolai - Age 11 - Had a UTI recently. Will be on insulin, chemo and steroids for the remainder of his life and is currently stable.
Chloe - Age 12 – Continues to do better. Eats K/D food, weight up to 8.4 lbs. Takes pill daily for irregular heartbeat.
Patchez - Age 6 – better but guarded after two months of two different antibiotics.
Flower - Age 19- arthritis in hindquarters makes movement difficult and painful, taking meds for it and doing pretty well lately.
Elsa - Age 20 - some days are better than others.
Sampson Silver Dollar - Age 14 - restrictive cardiomyopathy is under control with meds. Is slowing down from arthritis.
Chessie - Age 4 - stable on p r e d n i s o n e nutrophil levels still slightly low, but weight is stable.
Madison - Age 5- healed from her rump surgery, corneal graft is holding but tremors have returned.
Cassidy - Age 12 – Abscess has healed completely. Still needs a cleaning and possibly extractions due to stomatitis
Mouse - Age 11 - Has decided to eat again and has put on weight! Vet says he is doing well!
Won-Ton - Age 13 – Daily meds for arthritis and thyroid. She is holding steady.
Albus - Age 3 – Doing better. Has not had any ulcers for awhile. Had allergy tests and is allergic to several things. Is now on grain free diet and using L-Lysine.
Muppet - Age 5 - doing well as long as pain is controlled. Continues to have sinus issues.
PixieBelle - Age 14 - Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is not much improved, also has IBD and is taking several medications, is also having some joint issues in her back legs.
Sebastian - Age 10 - diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and has begun taking medication. Stressed over a cross country move, but hanging in there. Has to find a new vet .
Tiskers - Age 4- Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, recent check up shows her HCM is stable with meds.
Chrissy Whitesocks - Age 19 - diagnosed with mild CRF (renal failure), continues to hold her own !
Nanette - Age 5 - has stomatitis, teeth removed except fangs, chronic Upper Respiratory Infections. Is doing better, will be on meds for life.
Armani - Age 5 - Diagnosed with Polycythemia (too many red blood cells), doing well with 'blood-letting' procedures, does not need regular sub-q fluids any longer.
Sammy - Age 10- diagnosed with Heart disease. Now home and taking meds, some vomiting, his personality is showing again.

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Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Thu Mar 4, '10 4:58pm PST 
Boxie you are the best! Thank you for taking the list so I could retire.

Midnight is home from the vet and doing well.

love and purrs,
Hazel Lucy

Boxie Brown- Forever

Boxie B.- with a- goatee!!
Purred: Thu Mar 4, '10 5:00pm PST 
Hi everykit! I am humbled and honored to have the great responsibility of maintaining the purr list. I will do my level best to carry on in the tradition of my friend and hero Hazel Lucy. I have always taken, and will continue to take the Purr List seriously. I believe in it's power, the power of love is great. Please post on the thread or pmail me with any updates or additions.
With your help we can carry on the tradition of love started by the gracious and loving Hazel Lucy.
Purrs=Love & Purrs work!

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Explore, then- consider the- consequences
Purred: Thu Mar 4, '10 5:24pm PST 
Purring for all the sick kitties - get well, get well, get well, purr, purr.

Welcome to my pal Boxie Brown! I know Hazel Lucy (my dearest Auntie) has left the purr list in the best of paws!


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

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Purring for all the little ones.


Angel- Piewackit

Tortietude? Yep- I have it!!
Purred: Thu Mar 4, '10 7:45pm PST 
Sending purrs a plenty for all those needing them.
And, welcome Boxie! I know you will do a fantastic job!
Thank you so much, HL, for the time, love, dedication and hard work you have done in making those sick, gone on to the Bridge or lost feel a little less lonely with the purrs they've received from this list. And, that they will continue to receive in the paws of Boxie!

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Rufus - In Loving- Memory 12/17

Sweet Angel
Purred: Thu Mar 4, '10 8:10pm PST 
Thanks for taking on this responsibility, Boxie Brown. We know you'll do a great job.

Enjoy your retirement, Hazel Lucy.

Ferdie May- 1996 - 7 June 2014

Mrs Fishcake
Purred: Fri Mar 5, '10 3:25am PST 
Boxie - you've always been there, purring for everyone; now we will purr our support for you as you take over the list, and also for lovely Hazel Lucy as she retires.
Love and purrs from Ferdie, isobel, Harriet, Benjamin and Rufus

Boxie Brown- Forever

Boxie B.- with a- goatee!!
Purred: Fri Mar 5, '10 4:34am PST 
Added to purr list today :
Nittany - Age 16 - blood counts are off, having seizures and weak. Parents are keeping him comfortable.

Joey- 2001-2016

A Promise Kept.
Purred: Fri Mar 5, '10 5:36am PST 
Thank you, Hazel Lucy, for your dedicated service. And many thanks, Boxie, for agreeing to take this on!
I have great news. I went in for my first node exam and NO BAD NODES! Plus, the doc didn't even hear any heart murmur. It is an "innocent" one but it's better NOT there!
Your Pal, Joeydancingdancingcheercheercheercloud 9

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