Unusual cat names?

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Purred: Thu Feb 11, '10 11:46am PST 
I'm a writer (and cat owner) researching a story about the most unusual cat names. I was wondering if anyone at Catster has a cat with a weird name, and if you'd be willing to share the story behind it!

If so, I'll need your cat's breed/color pattern, info on why you bestowed a weird name, your city (or nearest metropolitan area) and your name, though I'm not sure if you can post that info here for privacy reasons?? You can e-mail me at marchcheri@yahoo.com if that seems more appropriate. If you're not comfortable doing that, though, I'd still be interested in reading about all the wacky/one-of-a-kind names out there!


Purred: Fri Feb 12, '10 5:31pm PST 
My 13cats names are/were: 1. Ani for being orphaned where I worked Blk/orange/white tabby calico 2. Georgia for Bugs Bunny's pet martian George Blk/orange/white tortie calico 3. Kalika misspelled Calico named from the previous owner Blk/orange/white tortie calico 4. Suli named for the guy Sullivan who found her and gave her to me Blk/orange/white tabby calico 5. Pastelle my 1st grey/tan/white calico 6. Dallia (Medallion) named for the tan furblotch on her throat grey/tan/white tortie calico 7. Em'ma Em=Marblefur she has and she was a mother when I adopted her very light grey/very light tan/white tortie calico 8. Nikki for the nick out of her ear Blk/orange/white tortie calico 9. Gabbi because she & my H sang & talked to each other Blk/orange/white tabby calico 10. Pixi because she liked to steal people stuff to play with, she's small, & ixi=10! verydark grey/orange tortie 11. HappiCat is what her name says! Blk/orange/white tabby calico 12 Patchess has big patches of black, orange & white fur 13. Jarai because I had a car accident, killed a tire and a wheel (the wheel named Jarama), got them replaced. Put the broken wheel in the back garden when we heard a kitten scream, left out some kitten food, next day checked on kitten - near death T° below thermomether reading. Set a trap for mom, planned a TNR but couldn't release her, named her Jarai (for the wheel). The car accident saved their lives, her kitten was adopted too. Jarai is Blk/orange/white tabby calico.
We live in SE PA, but plan to move to NC
Good luck on your research!

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In loving- Memory of- Nicodemus

Big Beautiful- Boy
Purred: Tue Apr 10, '12 10:46pm PST 
Hmm interesting there have been zero posts regarding unusual names. My mother bestowed the name Nicodemus by day. By night.....Nicodemus Heir to his Dragons lair. That is my fancypants official name on my papers with TICA. And of course a story follows.Ezekiel freaky deeky boy was the official name bestowed upon him for very specific reasons. I am a 7 year old seal colorpoint ragdoll with lots of fluff and personality. I am told daily that Im the most amazing creature that blessed her life. Ezekiel is a seal mitted, 6 years old. He gives new meaning to testing the waters! A beautiful devil cat that beats his own drum :] he is my nephew. Hence the reason he tests the waters all the time and feels that he will never ascend to Uncle Nickies greatness :]~


Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Thu Apr 12, '12 8:30am PST 
You can check out my page and to the right of it under Bio or somewhere in there will give you the explaination of my name, also if you look under my family my brother page also, same place to the right. Thanks and good luck, any questions send me a message.


Biting means I- love you..- right?
Purred: Thu Apr 12, '12 10:58am PST 
Kosuteh is a name my husband gave to a small tuxedo kitten I brought home when she was 2 and a half weeks old. We had to bottle-feed her and everything! Kosuteh is a name he took from his World of Warcraft character. She's black with a white underbelly. Good luck with your book!

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The white is for- sugar
Purred: Thu Apr 12, '12 5:30pm PST 
I volunteered at a local animal shelter the last eight years. Naturally being there so long gave me many chances to see weird cat names. I have no idea how four cats got these names:

59 Dollars
Boy named Calico lol
Anna the Banana

There also was a cat named Yvette. That name is weird for humans so if she is not the only feline Yvette, I would be shocked.

The same organization named Wilbur. I kept the name because I like it. People asked me if I named him after a fictional pig. I told them, "He eats like one so the name fits," although I doubt this had anything to do with it.

The one cat I have now has a common name for humans so I can only call it weird for cats. My dad said Pat the Cat but my sister, not liking that idea, said Patricia would be good. Unfortunately, years later, I read that name means mom - something a spayed cat will never be!

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Charmaine- Neville

Hey Dawlin!!!!
Purred: Fri Apr 13, '12 8:06am PST 
Don't know if you would consider our names "Unusual", but here they are:

Louis Armstrong - after the well known New Orleans Jazz Musician
Emma Barrett - after a lady who played Jazz piano at Preservation Hall
Pete Fountain - New Orleans musician, plays the clarinet
Benny Grunch - Local New Orleans singer who makes parodies out of popular songs
Charmaine Neville - Another New Orleans Singer
Al Hirt - New Orleans musician, trumpet player
Elizabeth Bennett - after the main character in the book "Pride and Prejudice"
Jane, Lydia and Mary Bennet - sisters of the above in the book
George Darcy - originally named "Georgiaina after a character in P & P, by renamed when I realized "she" was a "he"

The New Orleans Kitties

Cinnabar- Flambeau

Resident Bad- Boy...Oh yeah!
Purred: Fri Apr 13, '12 9:26am PST 
‘Mah Deah ???
Bein’ a feline with many tiny grey cells whirlin’ around in mah handsome head, Ah was quite intrigued with the fact that y’all are a writer. Perhaps in the future y’all would elucidate on that a tad more. Ah am sure the rest of the feline population on Catster would be interested

Mah name is Cinnabar Flambeau I’m a Red Tip or Flame Point feline, a large rangy fellow with large, mischievous blue eyes. A southern gentleman in the truest sense, hence mah southern accent and bad boy charm.

But Ah digress; in answer to your inquiry of unusual names perhaps you would consider mine.
Ah am so named because of mah beautiful red points that are the color of Cinnabar and Flambeau an old French word for flame. Volia! Red Flame…
Any other information can be found on mah Catster page if so interested…

Purrs, Cinnabar Flambeau or jes plain Cinni

KuJu Ku

Bobtails Rule!
Purred: Sat Apr 14, '12 7:03am PST 
My name let me explain.. Kujuku Shima (means 99 islands)The Islands that are scattered on the western side of the Kita-Matsu-ura-hanto peninsula in western Nagasaki. The representative scenery of Saikai National Park. Most of the islands of Kujuku are uninhibited and known for their untouched beauty.


The Old Lady
Purred: Mon Apr 16, '12 12:18pm PST 
Are you a Japanese bobtail, Kujuku?

I have been thinking a long time about what to call future cats. One idea was to name my next cat after the apartment complex I move into because I am only going to live at my current address eight months. Another is the neighborhood I live in - Millhopper - to commemorate my move to Florida because I moved in December from Ohio.

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